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Nuclear apocalypse has been discussed since the 50’s. First by politicians and news outlets as fear mongering and war propaganda and later by Hollywood and the gaming industry as a seemingly endless well of money. Of course most of the discussion is centered around who and maybe what will survive. Charlie Shrem is a Crypto pioneer and he strongly believes that Bitcoin will have a leading role in a possible future devastated by nuclear war.

On January 22nd in a HackerNoon post, Shrem discussed why fiat would fail in such a dystopian future. Shrem takes note that in the event of a nuclear war, all banking organizations would be rendered useless. Contrary to the popular belief that only bankers, politicians and cockroaches will survive the nuclear winter, Shrem believes that the most notable survivor would be Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will survive the apocalypse

Most people tend to agree that in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, uncontaminated food and water would be priceless. Shrem points out that unlike physical assets, Bitcoin has absolutely no physical presence, it is decentralized and supposedly has no single point of failure. He states that:

As long as there’s a single node running Bitcoin, the network will continue to function. It’s very likely that many nodes will survive even the worst of nuclear attacks. This is because they are scattered worldwide and they can communicate with each other via satellite internet connection

According to Shrem, physical finance has physical limitations. He believes that decentralization makes it impervious to an economic calamity that would ensue from a nuclear war.

Of course you don’t need to be an expert in nuclear warfare and post-apocalyptic finance to take Shrem’s views with a grain of salt. After all, back in 2011 he founded the now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Bitinstant and went to jail in 2015. He was allegedly selling Bitcoin to people who would buy drugs on the legendary dark web market Silk Road.

A few months ago, Shrem was also sued by the Winklevoss twins. Cameron and Tyler claimed he stole 5000 Bitcoin from them way back in 2012. Shrem has publicly denied all accusations, but the lawsuit is stil ongoing.

So whether or not people believe Shrem is up to them. That doesn’t change the fact that Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies might indeed have a leading role in a potential post-apocalyptic financial structure.

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