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bitcoin suisse

Crypto services and financial provider Bitcoin Suisse state they conducted a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction at the highest altitute in a promo stunt that occurred on the 13th of July.

A YouTube video showcasing the accomplishment was distributed on the 19th of July.

According to Bitcoin Suisse, the trade conducted by the staff occurred on the summit of Breithorn mountain in the Pennine Alps. The summit is located on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Bitcoin Suisse wanted something extreme

Interestingly enough, nearly 70 people allegedly partook in this promo stunt that occured 4164 meters (almost 2.59 miles) above sea level.

In like manner, cryptographic money startup Luffe’s Twitter record remarked on the trick, complimenting the trade’s drive yet in addition conceding that it might be “a smidgen ‘over the top.'”

Last year, similar event was held, but the results were definitely not what would be considered as a success. The promotional event was organized by ASKfm which had sponsored crypto enthusiasts to climb Mount Everest.

The group was supposed to place a ledger wallet with 500 000 ASFKfm tokens at the peak. The climb was successful however, during the descent one of the expedition members died during the descent.

Last month, Bitcoin Suisse issued their application for banking and securities dealer services from the Swiss finance regulator.

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