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.Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks vs Bitcoin Faucets

The most obvious difference between Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks and a Bitcoin faucet is that while faucets give your Bitcoin for free, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks require you to perform some action or complete a task in order to get the Bitcoin. While you may think that choosing to actually have to do work instead of simply getting free Bitcoin is insane, it is actually not. In fact, it is probably insane to take the Free bitcoin instead of working for it.

Now, before you start thinking that I am crazy or some weird radical, I assure you that I am not. To understand why Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks are better than faucets and their free Bitcoin, you have to understand the intricacies of them both.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

Bitcoin Faucet Business Model

To start, it is a well-known fact that nothing in this world is truly free and that everything has a price. This holds true for Bitcoin faucets. While they are giving you free Bitcoin, there is an exchange on your part, whether you realize it or not. The way a Bitcoin faucet earns money is by selling advertising space on their faucet website. This is apparent by the endless ads that you face when visiting Bitcoin faucet website. By offering users a very small, negligible amount of Bitcoin to users for free, they are playing the odds that enough people will click some of the ads. This combined with the small amount of money they earn from simply displaying Google Ads on the page is generally the only income that the faucet website makes.

While Bitcoin faucet websites allow you to claim free Bitcoin several times per day, the total amount you can get is almost always less than a penny in value. This is the only way that the website can remain in operation, let alone hopefully making a small profit.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Website Business Model

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites differ from faucets, on the business side, because they do not rely solely on selling ad space to generate a revenue. They, instead, utilize what is essentially a profit sharing strategy with their users. Ultimately, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website displays tasks, that require the user to do things like complete surveys, watch videos, play games, click on advertisements, etc.… Every time a user completes one of these tasks, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website receives money from the sponsor of the task that was completed.

They could, in theory, simply offer a negligible amount of Bitcoin for free to these users, but how many users would spend the time to complete the task for what is valued at less than a penny? Not many. So, instead, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website owners give the user who completes the task a percentage of the money that they get from the sponsor.  This makes it more appealing to the users and gives them the motivation to complete the tasks.

By offering hundreds and sometimes, thousands of tasks, across just about every category that one can imagine, it has created an earning opportunity, that by itself, is not a full-time job, but can be easily used to supplement someone’s current income or combined with other Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website earnings to allow people to earn an easy paycheck.

How Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Websites Work

 Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites reward their users for completing different types of tasks. Most also offer contests, lotteries or sweepstakes as a way to further motivate users to complete more offers. When a user completes an offer, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website earns money, so getting users to complete as many tasks as possible is the primary goal of the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website owner. In addition, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites also have affiliate programs, allowing users to earn a certain percentage of the earnings made by those who they refer to the site.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites do not usually limit the amount of offers that you can complete or how many users you can refer. Since they make more money with each completed task, they want as many people completing these tasks as possible. Of course, they do not tolerate those who try and break the various rules or cheat to try and gain more money. In the same fashion, if the task is not completed or completed incorrectly, it will get rejected by the advertiser and then the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website owner does not get paid.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

How Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Websites Pay Users

Upon completing an offer, the user is not rewarded with Bitcoin automatically. Instead, user accounts are credited with points or credits f some sort that are the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website’s own currency. The Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website will have a cash out area, which allows users to convert their points into whatever options of payout the site supports. Most sites offer things like eGift cards and PayPal as options. Then there are those that include Bitcoin as a cash out option, as well.

Once you have reached the required minimum threshold for withdrawal, you can simply choose your cash out option, the amount of points to covert and then you will be paid. It is important to determine the conversion rate between the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website’s points and the withdrawal option you are choosing. Some Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites give you 100 points per dollar, while others give 100,000. There is no standard and it is solely up to the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website owner on how they do it. You can usually find this information listed in the website’s help section or by simply visiting the cash out options page and seeing what things cost in points.

 Why Are Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Better Than Free Bitcoin?

The old saying goes, “Time is money.” Most Bitcoin faucets payout less than a penny per day in Bitcoin. That is if you claim the maximum amount of times that the faucet site allows. While there are a few that pay more, even those would not provide enough money to live on. We featured a strategy on Bitcoin faucets that could possibly yield $30 per month and that is considered one of the best strategies for faucets that we have been able to find yet. (Read the Strategy Here.)

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

While it is true that, at this time, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites would not provide enough money for someone to have a decent income, they do provide enough Bitcoin, for the time spent on completing tasks, for them to be considered a great part-time job. Tasks can pay anywhere from a few pennies to a couple of dollars each, depending on the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website you use, the type of task completed and the value of Bitcoin.

While $30 per month from multiple Bitcoin faucets is considered a high amount, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites can easily net someone a couple of hundred dollars a month on a part-time basis. If you were to utilize multiple Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites, and dedicate full-time working hours to it, it is feasible to assume you could make enough money to live on each and every month.

The time spent getting free Bitcoins from faucets may be worth it to you if you were to click a few here and there. It is still free money, so we are all for it. However, to make enough money to live on every month, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are the better option.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Causing Faucets to Dry Up

Primarily due to the reasons why Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are better for earning money, bitcoin faucets are closing down at a very fast rate. While there are still thousands of Bitcoin faucet websites on the web, we are seeing a trend that has the more major players in the sphere changing their business models. More and more faucet owners are shutting down or converting their faucets into Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites.

The owner of Faucet Hub, which is a micro-wallet service that supports hundreds of faucets, began offering offer completion to his users’ months ago and has just recently announced the closure of several of his faucet websites. What is significant here is that these websites were unique because they were not the typical faucet. Each, unique in theme, was a gamified version of a faucet, where users would play games to get their free Bitcoin. By causing the user to interact more with the website, it created a more guaranteed way to ensure income for the faucets, and as a result, offered higher faucet claim amounts to the end user.

Even with these increased amounts, the faucet sites owned by Mexicantarget are being closed down. (Faucet Hub is NOT closing down!) In the end, it becomes a situation where the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are simply offering a better Bitcoin reward than the faucets offer. So, even though the user has to spend more time and actually do something more than click a mouse button, it is still a more profitable and enticing venture than visiting faucet websites.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

The Many Faces of Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

If you are interested in Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks As a way to earn some extra money or even to make it a full-time job, there are tons of ways to get bitcoin rewarded to you. Most sites offer multiple ways to earn Bitcoin rewards all on one site, but there are some websites that focus on only one type, or category, of tasks that reward users for their completion. One of the more popular Bitcoin Rewarded tasks are delivered to users by what is called an offerwall, then there are just regular offers, surveys, playing online games, watching videos, downloading and trying mobile apps and games and clicking on advertisements.

Determining which types of rewarded tasks to complete is solely up to you, your preferences and what the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website you utilize has to offer. While most of the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites will all have the same exact offers, the amount they pay their users to complete these offers can and will vary. Sometimes the differences in prices is large and sometimes it is not. It is not uncommon to only complete certain types of offers on one Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website and another type on a different Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website. Below each type of task, we have included a couple websites that are good for that type of task.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Offerwalls

Almost all Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites will have what is called an offerwall. What makes an offerwall special is that it offers users the options to choose from several different types of offers that they complete all from one, managed area. This makes it easy to manage which offers have been completed, as well as offer different types of offers all from the same place.

The offerwall will have a little bit of all types of Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks contained in it. It is more like a sampler platter of tasks. It is a great way to try out different categories of tasks and to help make it easier to find tasks that you want to complete. The advantage of going to the individual types of tasks is that there are a larger number of those types of tasks available than the offerwall will show. So, if there is a specific type or types of tasks that you really do not like, then you can visit the specific tasks to find those that suit you best.

Suggested Websites: Faucet Hub

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Offer Completion

Not to be confused with offerwalls, offers require the user to order something. This generally means that you will have to spend money. Most are offers for something free, or at least a free trial. However, if it is a free product, you will most likely have to pay shipping charges. The benefit of spending the money required is that the reward you get usually is enough to fully reimburse anything pad out plus a bit extra, creating a situation that is profitable for you.

Of course, most of these offers are for repeat or subscription ordering, so you will be billed again at the end of your free trial, the next month or when they ship you the next product of the series. So, you need to be sure it’s a product you want. In the event you cancel one of these subscription type services or rebilled product offers, you should be fine since they all understand that you may not like the product. That is why they were offering the free trial anyways, to give you a chance to try it out. However, repeatedly canceling these subscriptions will result in you having to pay back the rewards you have made. This comes in the form of a deduction of points in your account on the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website. Some offers may even make you wait until the end of your free trial period before the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website gives you the reward.

Offers should only be taken advantage of when it is a service or product that you need or want anyways. The reward is just an added perk, like cash back.

Suggested Websites: Faucet Hub

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Online Surveys

Completing surveys online is nothing new. In fact, Online surveys are one of the oldest methods of earning easy money from home. That’s why it is no surprise that Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites include surveys as a way for users to earn some easy cash by simply answering questions about what you like. In most cases, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website will have you fill out a demographic profile. They will ask you things like age, zip code, sex, what profession you work in, medical illnesses or conditions, children, and the types of services you use and even the types of food you eat. This information is then used to match you with survey offers that are relevant and that you qualify for.

The tricky part about earning with surveys is that you have to qualify for the survey. Sometimes, even if you fit the general description, based upon the info you provide, that the survey partner is seeking, there may be a more specific requirement that you do not meet. The only for them to know is to ask you. This usually means that you will have to answer some qualifying questions before the survey begins. If at the end of these few questions, you do not qualify, then you have wasted 2 to 3 minutes of your time and you do not get a reward for it.

As a way to compensate users who go through this process, some Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites give you free entries into their lotteries o sweepstakes that they hold on a regular basis. While it is admirable that they realize the time spent on the qualifying, in the even that you try multiple surveys and get rejected for them, it will be little consolation that you have entries to these contests instead of money for the time spent trying to qualify. Of course, if you win the sweepstakes or lottery, then it is all good.

Suggested Websites: Earn gg

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: GamesBitcoin Rewarded Tasks

Online gaming has become something that just about everyone in the world enjoys. Aged 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy, people love playing games on their mobile devices and computers. In the past, the people playing the games had to pay money to buy the game. Today, not only are the games free to play, but Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites actually pay users to play them.

Of course, as with anything, no one is giving you free money. The way that these Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are able to pay you for sitting around playing games all day is by throwing video ads in between levels or after you die. In order to keep playing the game, and earn some Bitcoin, you watch the short video ad. Following the YouTube model, most ads are able to be skipped after 5 seconds. Once skipped, it is back to playing the game.

The rewards actually come from the ads you are viewing, so most Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites will credit your account after each ad has been viewed. This ensures that users do not simply exit the page or quit playing before they view the ads. This keeps the money flowing smoothly.

Suggested Websites: Paid Gaming, BitFun

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Paid to Click Advertisements (PTC)

Before Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites paid people to complete tasks, clicking on advertisements was the primary way to earn money online without having to do much of anything. Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites have included PTC, or paid to click ads, as yet another way for users to make money easily. This type of task is the easiest to complete. You simply click the given links. After clicking the link, you simply stay on the page until the timer runs out. Then the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website will allow you to move on to the next ad on the list, crediting you for each and every ad that you see and remain long enough to get paid. Paid to click advertising is one of the most popular tasks that can be found online anywhere due to the ease of completing the task and very easy to follow rules that the sponsoring partner requires from the user.

In most instances, advertisements can only be viewed one time. This means that either the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website will have all ads loaded into a rotator of sorts, where the user has no control over the ads they view or the ads will not be able to be selected after they have been viewed once. Being that these tasks are so easy to complete, they also become that much easier to cheat on. Due to the high number of users who cheat using paid to click ads, most Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites have very strict rules in place to combat the violation from happening. Those who get caught cheating will be banned and lose all monies they have earned.

Suggested Websites: Bitcoin Income (Beta testing)

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Watching Videos

Imagine getting paid to watch YouTube videos. Essentially, this is what Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites offer. Users earn money by watching the ads that play between the short videos being offered. The videos that are available are generally a minute or minute and a half long each and you watch 3 videos, ads between each and then get credited for it.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

It is the simplest of all ways to make money with Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites. There are some Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites that allow you to watch videos on up to 3 screens at the same time, essentially tripling the amount you can earn. Simply keep the volume up, the screen in focus and let the money roll in.

The videos are not bad either. They have several categories, including, video game reviews, mobile app trailers, food and cooking, movie trailers, movie reviews, celebrity news and viral videos, to name a few. This means that you can actually watch videos that are relevant, up to date and that you actually enjoy. If there is a video that you do not care for, they allow you to skip it, but you are not allowed to simply skip every video. This will get you banned very quickly. They understand that you may not like every video you see, but skipping must be done sparingly and only truly when you dislike the video being shown.

Watching Rewarded Videos Side Note

 If you play online games, mobile games, watch YouTube or other activities of the same nature, you have probably noticed an increase in the number of ads that you see. You may have even noticed that in some games, you can now choose to watch a video to receive free in-game items, instead of having to pay cash for the item. Every day, more and more game developers and app companies are including this feature.

 This is causing the need for more videos, which, in turn, causes the value of these videos to go down as the advertising networks who feature these video ads lower the cost for advertisers to buy ad space. In the end, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites, as well as other reward platforms will get paid less for the ad views, and everything rolls downhill, so the user, watching the videos will ultimately earn less money or items for viewing the ads. Now is the time to take advantage of the higher payouts for watching videos on Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites. Also, by following the rules, not cheating and not trying to make an already too simple task any simpler, we can hopefully keep the decent payouts going for a while longer.

 Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites that offer videos as an option to earn money are not large in number. There is also an issue with websites claiming to offer Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as rewards, not paying the users. Essentially these websites are simply collecting the money that their users earn for them and then when payout time comes, they ignore the withdrawal requests. They keep it quiet as long as possible, and when they can no longer get people to use their site because of the scam, they simply pop up a new website and do it all over again. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the website you use is truly a legitimate Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website and that they can be trusted.

Suggested Websites: Earn gg

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks: Contests & Lotteries

Aside from the myriad of ways to earn money on Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites, most websites have other money-making opportunities, as well. These come in the form of contests, raffles, lotteries and games. These are here for 2 reasons: One, to keep users motivated and engaged and Two, to payout as little money as possible to users.

On the surface, these types of activities seem fun, socially engaging and positive. However, when you look deeper, it becomes clear that the goal is to make it so users collect less profits from the website. Raffles and lotteries will generally cost you points to for tickets. When a site gives free entries or tickets away, it seems good, and it really is. However, this just increases the number of tickets for the event, making you buy more, using your easily earned points. If you win, then yes, you have definitely come out ahead. The odds, however, are not in your favor and let’s face it. Most of us would simply use our winnings to enter other lotteries or raffles anyways.

Raffles, Lotteries and Gambling Risks and Rewards

Some Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites have dice roll games, where you can take a chance and multiply your points. These are simply the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website’s version of a casino. Remember, with casinos, the house always has the edge. With Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites, most have the edge and then some. These are on-site points, not real money. There is no government regulation of what a website can or cannot do when it comes to your point balance. While casinos have strict guidelines to help protect the users, Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites do not. Keep this in mind. These websites are not bad for offering these types of events. Some people enjoy them, win or lose and you are not forced to play them if you choose not to.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

The flip-side to the whole thing is that these types of events are great, even for the users who lose their earnings playing them. By offering these types of events and contests, the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are drawing in more users and keeping them engaged. This means that the amount of traffic they can put advertisements in front of increases and remains high. It creates a need for more ads and at higher rates, meaning that there will be continued earning possibilities for users for the foreseeable future.

So, while it never suggested to blow all of your money on frivolous things or to gamble it all away for a chance to win big, partaking in these contests is a great way to be social, while helping the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website you use grow and have the ability to continue offering rewards to you and other users.

Suggested Websites: Earn gg, Faucet Hub

Where to Find Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

Finding a reward website is as simple as going online. There are thousands of them. However, finding one that offers Bitcoin as a cash out option and that is legit might prove a bit more difficult. The websites listed as suggested sites are by no means an exhaustive list. They are, however, legit, offer bitcoin as a cash out method and are known to pay out.

When choosing a Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website, it is important to make sure that they have offers you are interested in, cash out methods you want and rules you can follow. Some Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites do not allow users that live in certain countries to become members. They will not tell you this until it comes time to cash out though. This means that you have earned them money but they will not pay you. Make sure to read the site rules and make sure that everything is up to par before spending time making them money.

If you are interested in a Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website, but are unsure about their reputation, you can always visit other websites and forums that relate and as questions. The best info is always going to come from users of the site or those have tried it in the past. Just remember, not every single person may have had a good experience, and just because one person has negative things to say does not mean you would find it negative at all. So, be sure to get several opinions on a Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website before deciding.

Maximizing Your Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Earning Potential

In order to maximize your earning potential, there are several things you can try. Only completing offers you enjoy, being happy with cash out options, meeting the website requirements, avoiding the gambling, etc.… are all good examples. However, the number one way, and most important thing that everyone should absolutely do to maximize the money-making potential is this:

Use multiple Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites. Bottom line, it is a necessity. Try different websites, find the one that works the way you like and pays the amount you like and that just fits what you like; then find another one that offers the stuff you did not like about the first one. Even if it takes 5 different Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites until you have everything you like about all aspects of the experience, it does not matter. The important part is that you will be able to make money on your terms, doing something you enjoy and making the amount of money that is sufficient for the task at hand.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Website Referrals

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites generally have an affiliate program that you will automatically be included in. there is inevitably a section called “Referrals” somewhere on the website’s main page, or at the very least within your account page. They will have your referral link all ready to go. You copy and paste this link wherever you can online, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.… and anyone who visits the site and joins for the first time from your link will become your referral.

What does having referrals do for you? Well, they make you money for doing absolutely nothing.  You will get paid a percentage of all rewards earned on the website by every single person who joins the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website after clicking your referral link.  So, if the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website pays out 10% for referrals and you referred 5 people and each made $200, you would get $100 automatically. The best part is that you get the percentage of their earnings forever. As long as they are earning money, you get a cut.

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks

The one thing to watch for here is to ensure that the Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks website does not have a rule that requires you to have completed a certain number of offers before being eligible to collect on referrals. Some sites may require that you logon every single day or you forfeit any referral earnings for a week. Another example is that you must click 100 ads or complete 10 offers in a certain timeframe or you forfeit your referral income for that period of time. Make sure to fully look at all the rules and terms of the affiliate program and ensure that you do not end up losing your referral money due to these technicalities.

These practices are completely wrong and those websites that implement rules like these are not trustworthy, in my opinion. No websites I ever list will include practices such as these. If you refer someone and they decide to join, it is essentially the same thing as making a sale for the website. You should be compensated, as agreed. If that agreement says 10% forever, then it should be 10%, even if you never use the site again.

Suggested Websites Earn ggFaucet Hub

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks Conclusion

Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites are out there. There ones that are legit, such as the few listed within this article. There are more legit ones out there and there are a lot of ones that are a bit shady to downright scams. Once you find the ones you can trust, maximize your earning potential and get into a rhythm, earning bitcoin for simple tasks will become a breeze and you will find that you actually start earning more, faster and more often. You may even find that you can replace your income with 100% Bitcoin Rewarded Tasks websites.

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