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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that we have been talking about during all the year, has arrived at $10,000. This price record was registered by several cryptocurrency exchanges like Cex.io, BitMex, OkCoin and Quoine. At press time, it is being traded at $10,081.

Bitcoin Crossing Every Possible Record

The famous cryptocurrency has had an amazing year. All the predictions made were not enough to describe the currency performance fueled by Blockchain technology. At the beginning of the year it was traded at $960 dollars, and on November the 28th it crossed $10,000. That means that Bitcoin has grown more than 1,000 percent in just eleven months.

In the last 24 hours, the currency has managed more than $6 billion dollars in volume. That means that Bitcoin trading volume was bigger than the volume moved by the next 12 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Its market share arrives at 53 percent after touching the lowest point recorded at 38 percent. In addition to it, Bitcoin has also touched another record performing 379K transactions on November the 27th.

This year, we have seen different hard forks in the Bitcoin Blockchain, like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold. The network has also suffered from a cancelled fork named SegWit2x. These forks addressed different problems of the Bitcoin blockchain. The main problem was its scalability. Bitcoin Cash offers 8 MB blocks, compared to 1 MB from the Bitcoin network. In this way, transactions are processed faster and with cheaper fees.

Bitcoin Gold’s complain was that Bitcoin is not really a decentralized virtual currency. Bitcoin Gold developers believe that Bitcoin mining is centralized by some few companies. Meanwhile, individuals can’t really participate in the mining process.

In September, China has banned ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges. After the announcement, Bitcoin lost almost half of its price. But since this moment, the virtual currency is in a bullish market that just surprised everyone.

Bitcoin Investors

This currency has proven to be resilient to attacks from different parts of the world. But it is impressive how it could arrange itself in order to capture lots of institutional investors. Some months ago, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), has announced Bitcoin futures for the last quarter of the year. ROFEX, the most important futures market in Argentina, has also decided to add Bitcoin as an option.

Mike Novogratz, Bill Miller and other important investors have also showed its support for this cryptocurrency. These investors are opposed to others like Jamie Dimon, who appeared this year as Bitcoin hater. Dimon has commented that Bitcoin investors were stupid and that governments will ‘crash’ the virtual currency. None of this happened, but the currency arriving at new all time highs.

Bitcoin Dollars World Volume

Bitcoin Dollars World Volume

Cryptocurrencies were not only adopted by institutional investors, but also around the world. The majority of the countries show an upward trend in Bitcoin volume. South Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe are big markets for the cryptocurrency world.

How will Bitcoin keep now? Will we see a higher price or there will be a correction? Will investors now start to think about 100k price as the next goal?

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