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A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, but how much is giant bitcoin rat on Wall Street worth?

Yes, there is currently a huge, inflated rat on Wall Street and it’s staring down the Federal Reserve. The rat was put up by union protestors because of the rampant employee abuse. Unfortunately, this is occurring in way more places than Wall Street, but this is probably the best place for the rat to be.

The rat is covered in code and mathematical formulas seemingly referring to bitcoin. There can be many interpretations, but most people agree, that the rat is a protest against the economy.

Endless money printing, endless debt, terrible money management and extreme wealth inequality are all in a way, caused by the central banks. With its claws pointed towards the Fed and its mouth wide open, the rat could be a representation of cryptocurrencies tearing out the corrupt debt fueled system.

The rat will stay up for only a few days according to the ex-hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers. Saiers’ placement of the rat is very intelligent in its design. This bitcoin rat is standing on Maiden Lane, a place named after the entity responsible for bailing out Bear Stearns and AIG during the financial collapse back in 2008.

The bitcoin rat is not Saiers’ first project

Saiers’ creativity is nothing new. Even though he’s a former mathematical, he is nicknamed “The Warhol of Wall Street.” He has several paintings, which carefully depict the side of finance no one wants to talk about. Some of his work is not related to financial system and it’s many faults. He’s also a keep activist against non-violent drug crimes.

The bitcoin rat however, is his first artwork related to crypto. It also fun to add, that on first glance, there is nothing anti-Wall Street in the rat itself. The entire genius idea is to let the people interpret the bitcoin rat as they wish. Forcing people to think and trying to link the bitcoin rat with the Fed is genius.

A lot of people have already started taking selfies with the rat. There shouldn’t be too much controversy and any sort of violent removal will popularize the rat incredibly. People also seemingly like to joke about whether it’s unclear if the rat represents the Fed or bitcoin.

So in a way, a simple rat colored with some lines of code, can give people a whole lot to think about. It’s not about what people feel or know about the Federal Reserve, it’s about what’s going below the surface. After all, rats always seem to reach places people don’t want them to. Maybe it’s time bitcoin popped up somewhere the Federal Reserve doesn’t want.

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