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Bitcoin Olympic Games

Even though some traditions remain immutable and incorrigible, the world doesn’t stand still. In the last years, all aspects of technology and industry have been developing so fast you can hardly keep an eye on them.

One minute you’re reading Asimov’s books dreaming of a future where androids dream of electric sheep, and a decade after that a Hollywood movie featuring Will Smith appears (and a much younger and sexier Susan Kalvin). Only a couple of years after you see the real character out of Asimov’s stories walking among humans like nothing happened.

Technology is pervading everything we do, from smart fridges using drones to deliver milk to your house when needs be to the way the society is functioning and the companies are run to building a whole economy based on the blockchain.

Blockchain is everywhere!

There is absolutely no way to tell what the world will look like in 10 (or even 5) years. Progress is so all-enveloping that even the most dashing predictions fall short of what we begin to see on the way to the grocery store. In a sense, we are beginning to live in a sci-fi movie.

It is incredibly exciting to think what the new generation looks like for the millennials who have faced no boundaries like us growing up. We have actually seen the world without the Internet, and let us tell you, it wasn’t that exciting. That you will know if you ever tried to use a telephone box to place an international call for 40 minutes on end or fought off a dinosaur with a stick.

Speaking of all things young, beautiful, and with stars in their eyes, we are sure soon to see another classical tradition, the Olympics (which was in effect for thousands of years before the invention of the internet) changing with the emergence of Blockchain, kind of like Arnie at the end of the last Terminator film.

Bitcoins are not only limited to the financial world. Now, you already highly likely know there are pubs in London and Sydney that accept Bitcoins. And the last time we checked there were only two, and that was not so long ago.

Blockchain Olympics!

Now, as blockchain is swiftly picking up popularity and conspiracy theorists draw parallels with it and Skynet’s stellar rise to power in Terminator: Genisys, we are looking at another step forward for Bitcoins: the US Luge Team is now accepting donations in Bitcoins.

They also promised to showcase as many Bitcoin logos as they can if they can raise a certain amount of Bitcoins in the years to come.

This seems like a good move from the point of view of cryptocurrency and sports alike. The world has been becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sports in the recent decade or so, especially in the US. Investing more money into sports could certainly go a long way to making the humankind more healthy and the planet greener. It’s easy to get carried away with business but it is ever so important to keep an eye on the long-term future of the planet and healthy living.

Why making the world safe matters

Hopefully, that will help raise awareness of the importance of keeping our living space clean and toxin-free so that the next generations can enjoy full benefits of all the money and opportunities in the world. After all, what good is having 21 000 000 BTC if there are no trees and you can’t breathe? Sport and hopefully the adjacent niches of green living, downshifting, and human rights are a very good match for the emerging mammoth of cryptocurrency, and we are very enthusiastic about the two merging in the near future. The USA Luge team is also understandably enthusiastic about receiving Bitcoin, promising exponentially more generous rewards to the audience for generous donations.

We’ll recap some of the types of businesses that now accept Bitcoins (this is far from a complete list, and each category includes many entries):

  • Schools
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Photography
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Newsagents
  • Law Firms
  • Masseuses.

Using blockchain to build a perfect world

Now, as the Bitcoin is becoming more and popular, we are happy to report that the blockchain system seems to have finally gained a firm foothold in the world of business and now swiftly moving on to, well, all areas of our lives.

Given that blockchain is a first system that could potentially create the first see-through and completely honest democracy, we think there is a lot of potential in all areas for its usage, although we are probably most enthusiastic about it being used in sports.

We’re all for integrity, good spirit, and healthy competition, and thanks to this exciting new technology we are sure we are all bound to see much more of that happening soon.

Citius, Altius, Fortius!


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