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Paying HYIPs
#Status HYIPMin. DepositDaily IncomeComments
Insurance activePaying AltCoiner0.01 BTC3.36 %8 Comments
Insurance activePaying FlexiBit0.01 BTC3.30 %68 Comments
Insurance activePayingRisingBTC RisingBTC0.01 BTC2.64 %3 Comments
Insurance activePaying NordeBank25 USD2.00 %48 Comments
Insurance activePaying BitcoinTask0.06 BTC3.57% | 1.19%171 Comments
PayingBitOffer BitOffer0.001 BTC3.60 %26 Comments
Paying BitRUSH0.001 BTC3.12 %33 Comments
Paying HashMiners0.001 BTC3.12 %4 Comments
Paying CoinCash10 USD3.12 %1 Comments
Paying EarnBit0.001 BTC2.88 %12 Comments
Paying TradeBTC10 USD2.50 %2 Comments
PayingHG Invest HG Invest0.001 BTC2.40 %21 Comments
Paying ecoPAY5 USD1-6 %2 Comments
PayingHashSecure HashSecure0.01 BTC1.60 %0 Comments
Insurance activePaying Strange Event10 USD1.40 %10 Comments
Paying365Pay Legend Investment10 USD1.00 %0 Comments
Paying365Pay Barings Capital10 USD0.76 %0 Comments
Not paying HYIPs
#Status HYIPMin. DepositDaily IncomeComments
PayingEcoCoins EcoCoins0.02 BTC1.30 %1 Comments
PayingBitZilla BitZilla0.01 BTC3.84 %122 Comments
Paying365Pay Solar Invest10 USD1.20 %3 Comments
Paying365Pay 365Pay5 USD1.20 %0 Comments
Paying BitMagnet0.001 BTC3.60 %261 Comments
Paying PeakBTC0.01 BTC2.40 % - 4.10 %4 Comments
Insurance activePaying Decenter0.01 BTC3.00 %29 Comments
PayingAnoBTC AnoBTC0.01 BTC3.84 %24 Comments
PayingAnoBTC AnoBTC0.01 BTC3.84 %24 Comments
PayingZinc7s Zinc725 USD1.80 %25 Comments
nsurance expiredPaying Macao Lotto10 USD0-6 %7 Comments
Payingcoin-transfer Coin Transfer0.01 BTC2.10 %8 Comments
Paying Xabo10 USD2.50 %143 Comments
PayingCryptoWealthFund CryptoWealthFund10 USD1.78 %9 Comments
PayingXbtDeposit XbtDeposit0.01 BTC2.40 %17 Comments
Paying BitJack0.01 BTC3.36 %8 Comments
Paying DirectEarning10 USD3.00 %11 Comments
Paying BitStability0.01 BTC2.67 %11 Comments
Paying Bitjam10 USD3.36 %28 Comments
Paying Bitfinancial0.001 BTC3.60 %173 Comments
Paying BtcLab0.001 BTC3.60 %281 Comments
Payingnetbtc Netbtc0.001 BTC2.40 %21 Comments
Paying Bitbetria10 USD3.96 %141 Comments
Paying BitSea0.001 BTC3.12 %199 Comments
Paying Minr0.01 BTC3.30 %144 Comments
PayingNorth Traders North Traders1.2 USD1.08 %7 Comments
PayingBitTwin BitTwin0.01 BTC1.00 % - 1.57 %7 Comments
Paying BlueChip Lab10 USD1.00 % | 7.00%37 Comments
PayingHYIP-A HYIP-A0.01 BTC2.00 %1 Comments
PayingTrezorBitx TrezorBitx20 USD1.83 %0 Comments
Paying6percenter 6Percenter30 USD0.83 %2 Comments
Paying BitAsstes Ltd0.01 BTC2.88 %4 Comments
Paying SatoshiCash0.01 BTC2.40 %31 Comments
Paying WestBTC0.001 BTC2.0 %51 Comments
Paying Coinn0.001 BTC3.60 %244 Comments
Paying BitRobot10 USD2.00 %2 Comments
Paying AimBTC0.001 BTC3.84 %1809 Comments
Paying VirtualTrust10 USD1.20 %5 Comments
Paying BTCSolar0.001 BTC2.40 %35 Comments
Paying Mellon Finance10 USD3.00 %10 Comments
Paying MaximusCoin0.001 BTC1.00 %6 Comments
Paying HashWave0.001 BTC3.60 %8 Comments
Paying Exmobit0.0005 BTC1.10 %0 Comments
Paying BitFinest0.001 BTC3.60 %8 Comments
Paying RevCoin10.00 USD0.78 %0 Comments
Paying ForwardMotion10.00 USD0.83 %0 Comments
Paying HashStorm6.30 USD1.43 %6 Comments
PayingHourCoin HourCoin5.00 USD2.50 %4 Comments
PayingBitexcon Bitexcon0.001 BTC3.00 %5 Comments
PayingGrandBit GrandBit0.001 BTC3.12 %9 Comments
PayingCoince Coince10.00 USD3.00 %61 Comments
PayingBitDeposit BitDeposit0.01 BTC5.00 %53 Comments
PayingBitcoCept BitcoCept26.25 USD0.69 %3 Comments
PayingBusiness Angels Business Angels0.022 BTC1.00 %2 Comments
PayingBTCUnion BTCUnion0.001 BTC3.60 %1 Comments
PayingTinderBTC TinderBTC0.0001 BTC2.40 %12 Comments
PayingBTCCpools BTCCpools 0.015 BTC1.20 %3 Comments
PayingGeniusHash GeniusHash0.001 BTC3.60 %25 Comments
PayingBitMoney BitMoney0.001 BTC3.67 %6 Comments
PayingBitMinister BitMinister0.01 BTC3.00 %21 Comments
PayingTradeOnBit TradeOnBit0.01 BTC3.84 %6 Comments
PayingBitsRapid BitsRapid0.015 BTC1.67 %18 Comments
PayingZeuscoin Zeuscoin0.005 BTC4.10 %1 Comments
PayingTopMine TopMine0.001 BTC1.33 %17 Comments
PayingCryptoStability CryptoStability10 USD1.98 %0 Comments
PayingTrue HYIP True HYIP10 USD2.00 %0 Comments
PayingAdvanced Hash Advanced Hash0.001 BTC3.60 %15 Comments
PayingBitAinex BitAinex0.001 BTC2.60 %1 Comments
PayingAtiHash ATIhash0.067 BTC1.10 %1 Comments
PayingIcoin24 Icoin240.001 BTC4.8 %2 Comments
PayingBIT-HASH Bit-HASH0.001 BTC2.40 %1 Comments
PayingVenture Alliance Venture Alliance0.04 BTC2.46 %2 Comments
PayingRomball Romball0.0025 BTC1.20 %1 Comments
PayingBitera Bitera5 USD2 % - 5 %1 Comments
PayingEXIO EXIO0.0002 BTC4 % - 6 %27 Comments
PayingBTC Traders BTC Traders0.001 BTC3 % - 5 %23 Comments
PayingShineBitcoin ShineBitcoin0.001 BTC5.28 %3 Comments
PayingBitWealth BitWealth0.001 BTC12 %34 Comments
Paying7cly 7cly0.0000005 BTC1.13 %4 Comments
PayingBitROI BitROI0.001 BTC2.5 % - 5 %3 Comments
PayingHourlyCoins HourlyCoins0.001 BTC3.6 % - 4.8 %14 Comments
PayingSummerBTC SummerBTC0.001 BTC3.6 % - 21.6 %3 Comments
PayingHourlyFunds HourlyFunds5 USD2.1 % - 11.2 %0 Comments
PayingCryptoPrime CryptoPrime0.001 BTC3.4 %4 Comments
PayingAvaBitcoin AvaBitcoin0.0000005 BTC2.4% / 2.88% / 3.6%37 Comments
PayingProInvestmentClub ProInvestClub10 USD2.5 % - 13.3 %0 Comments
PayingPrefex Prefex10 USD4 % - 17.5 %0 Comments
PayingSea Mining sea Mining0.001 BTC0.07 %0 Comments
PayingAvaBitcoin BTC-BIS0.001 BTC2.5 % / 3.6 % / 5.5 % / 7 %2 Comments
PayingCryptoinvestGroup CryptoinvestGr25 USD10 % - 240 %7 Comments
PayingClubCashCow ClubCashCow10 USD2 % - 16.29 %0 Comments
PayingZillix Zillix0.012 BTC2.5 % - 5 %1 Comments
PayingPINBTC PINBTC0.0001 BTC2.4 %0 Comments
Paying8DailyCoin 8DailyCoin0.001 BTC0.85 %1 Comments
PayingThree Bitcoin ThreeBitcoin0.001 BTC6 % - 500 %0 Comments
PayingHourProfit HourProfit5 USD2.4 % 0 Comments
PayingBitles2016 Bitles201610 USD2 % - 5.3 %0 Comments
PayingBitHourly BitHourly0.001 BTC3.8 % / 4.2 % / 4.5 %3 Comments
PayingRyalcoins RoyalCoins0.01 BTC3 % - 5 %0 Comments
Paying12DailyCoin 12DailyCoin0.001 BTC3.6 % - 12 %1 Comments
PayingBloomBTC BloomBTC0.001 BTC2.4 %5 Comments
PayingMinuteBTC MinuteBTC0.0001 BTC2.4 %2 Comments
PayingBitcoinInstant BitcoinInstant0.001 BTC1.8 % - 11.4 %1 Comments
Not PayingBTCProfix BTCProfix0.001 BTC1 % - 3.2 %0 Comments
PayingCoinMiners CoinMiners0.001 BTC2.8 % - 4.5 %0 Comments
PayingBitAiry BitAiry0.001 BTC2.4 %0 Comments
Not PayingBTCFlex BTCFlex0.001 BTC3.6 %10 Comments
Not Paying14Daily PerfectHashno min.3.6 %4 Comments
PayingCryptoInv CryptoInv0.0005 BTC2.5 %6 Comments
Not PayingIoScrypt IoScriptno min.5 %5 Comments
Not PayingGUDbiz GUDbiz0.0001 BTC4.0 % - 5.5 % 1 Comments
Not PayingEarningsToday EarningsTd0.001 BTC3.1 % - 5.5 %18 Comments
Not PayingEmicoin Emicoin0.001 BTC1.7 % - 4.5 %34 Comments
Not PayingEarnTomorrow EarnTomorrrow0.0005 BTC10 %5 Comments
Not Paying14Daily 14Daily0.0005 BTC10 %3 Comments

Insurance active Insurance active | Insurance expired Insurance expired | Paying Paying | Awaiting payment Awaiting payment | Not paying Not paying


Bitcoin HYIPs Overview

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin HYIPs

What are Bitcoin HYIPS

Bitcoin high yield investment programs, also short Bitcoin HYIPs, may pay you high returns for a small amount you invest in them. These programs get the profits by trading forex, stocks and bonds, sports betting and other. HYIPs pay hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. The daily income rates depend on the HYIP itself and range from 0.5% to 6%.

Can you make money by investing in Bitcoin HYIPS?

The answer is yes, you can do profit by investing in Bitcoin hyips. Though you must know, that most high yield investment programs will sooner or later turn into a scam and run away with your investment. You can imagine the way a hyip like a gaussian curve, see image below:

Explanation of the Grafik: We can divide the lifespan of the HYIP in three parts.
Phase 1: The Launch. Admin launches a HYIP platform. Investors invest Bitcoin, Admin pays the promised percentage. Admin is essentially paying from his own pocket and is making losses.
Phase 2: The Upswing. The HYIP is booming, many people are signing in and investing. The potential profit of the admin grows faster than the amount he needs to pay daily to the investors.
Phase 3: The Fall. Only fewer people continue investing in the platform. This means, that the potential earning is getting less, due to the fact that the admin needs to pay out a profit daily. Admin decides, that now is the point of maximum earnings for him. First, he stops all the payments out of the website, yet you can continue invest. Later he runs away and closes the website.

This is why the next question is very important:

How to minimize the risk?

As seen in the upper graphic, the periods you are going to earn are phase 1 and 2. This means you need to join as early as possible, equivalently, you need not join too late. To find out if the HYIP is in the beginning of phase 2 or at the end is not easy.
Therefore our rule of thumb on joining hyips:

  • If the hyip is paying more than 5% daily, then don’t join it after it has been there for more than two weeks.
  • If the hyip is paying between 5% and 2.5%, then don’t join it after it has been there for more than four weeks.
  • If the hyip is paying less than 1.5%, then the choice is hard. The website might pay for a very long time like HashOcean (more than a year), or stop like Business Angels (less than three months).
  • Don’t forget to request manually your daily withdraw.

Insurance: Bitcoin Investment

Insurances have been around for decades. The first ones beeing made by the Chinese and Babylonian (~2000 BC) in case a shipment got stolen. So basically, an insurance is a way to protect one from a financial loss.

But why are there no good insurances for our financial decisions as Bitcoin investors? Why don’t the big platforms care about the small people? We decided to fill this gap since TOGETHER we are stronger!

Insurance for your Bitcoin Investment

Since all of us are trying to make some money over Bitcoin investments, we found a way to reduce the risk of the investors by making an insurance! Normally insurances cost, but in our case, those are going to be free for us coin investors. So let us show showcase you how the Bitcoin insurance will work.

How does the Bitcoin Insurance function?

The easiest way to understand this is by making an example.

So let us assume:

  • insurance amount is 1 BTC – so in case of a claim, the amount to be distributed to our community will be 1 BTC.
  • insurance period is 20 days – if the bitcoin investment program stops paying before the end of this period, the insurance amount will be paid out to the investors. Each ivnestment opportunity with an insurance will have a counter showing when the period is going to end.
  • Investors: 1 invested 0.5 BTC, 3 invested 0.2 BTC, 5 invested 0.1 BTC, 10 invested 0.05 BTC, 20 invested 0.01 BTC, 2 invested 0.005 BTC

If the investment program stops paying on the 21st day, the insurance expires and nobody gets paid.
If the investment program stops paying before the 21st day, the insurance amount is distributed to all of the investors. To calculate who gets how much, we use the amount each user invested and weight it to the total amount.

The formula for each person is: (Own Investment/ Total Investment)* Insurance Amount

It is important to say, that the maximum amount taken into this calculation is 0.1 BTC per user. The minimum is 0.01 BTC.
In this example, the total amount of invested is: 1*0.1 + 3*0.1 + 5*0.1 + 10*0.05 + 20*0.01 = 1.6 BTC.
The 0.1 BTC investor will get for example: (0.1/1.6)*1 = 0.0625 BTC back.

Who pays for the insurance amount?

Since we are a community website with enough investors, we are able to make this insurance demand directly to the Bitcoin investment platform. This means that the Bitcoin HYIP or Cloud Miner is paying the insurance amount.

This amount is then transferred to our secure Bitcoin Wallet. If the Bitcoin Investment platform continues paying after the insurance time, we are going to give them the insurance amount back.

But how can you trust us, that we really distribute the insurance bitcoins fairly?

Who is eligible to claim this Insurance?

Everyone who is registered as a referral under us will be insured – else it is impossible to us to distinguish real and fake investors.

Important to notice:

  1. Maximum Amount: 0.1 BTC – else the small investors wont be able to get anything
  2. Minimum Amount: 0.01 BTC – the effort is else higher than the transaction costs
  3. Need to be referral of our testing account – so only our community gets the insurance
  4. Only on first payment to the BTC website – else it is currently too hard to figure out the invested sum
  5. Time to claim: 72h – since we can only calculate the amount each investor gets when we know the total amount of people claiming an insurance. And since we want to proceed giving the money back as fast as possible, we decided to put this time limit.

Who pays for the insurance amount?

Since we are a community website with enough investors, we are able to make this insurance demand directly to the Bitcoin investment platform. This means that the Bitcoin HYIP or Cloud Miner is paying the insurance amount.

This amount is then transferred to our secure Bitcoin Wallet. If the Bitcoin Investment platform continues paying after the insurance time, we are going to give them the insurance amount back.

But how can you trust us, that we really distribute the insurance bitcoins fairly?

Transperency of the insurance Amount over the Blockchain

We are going to use the following Bitcoin Wallet address: 3DYxgH6hyS83HxHarVh9iq4RJ6ufPtL2cy

By clicking on it, you can see all the in- and outgoing transactions. So you will be able to verify if we really got the insurance amount and if we really paid it back.

How to claim?

On maturity of the insurance, there will be a special contact form under our explicit investment review. As mentioned, one can use this form for 72h, after this time limit, it will get disabled. All the needed information will be explained on the form.

After the 72h, we will post the calculations of the claims and send the transactions over the block chain.
Here are some examples of already paid out claims: Decenter.

Bitcoin Investment Security: Disclaimer

The formula of calculation is showcased above. By no means everybody will get his total investment back, it is just a way to maximize the earnings we make. We hope this community movement will minimize the risk each of us is taking.

Satoshi by satoshi we try to improve the Bitcoin investment world! – Team CoinStaker

Comment section on this page has been closed due to the self-promotion and spammy comments. Sorry for the rest of you.


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