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Peio Purlev by Feb 22, 2018

What is Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and which wallets support it?

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments. This is a protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum network. This standart defines the rules that need to be met for a token to be accepted. These rules apply to all ERC-20 Coins and are required so they can interact with each other on the Ethereum network.

Peio Purlev by Feb 21, 2018

What is a DAICO and what are the Benefits?

DAICO is an improved capital raising version of the Initial Coin Offering. It incorporates aspects of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). They are managed transparently, their finances can be audited by the public, with impossible corruption and zero downtime. DAOs enable a wide range of possible business models.

Peio Purlev by Feb 14, 2018

What is the difference between an ICO hard cap and soft cap?

The evaluation of an ICO includes many factors. Knowing the hard cap and the soft cap of an ICO is some of this statistical information that every investor should know. However there is a significant difference between capped and uncapped ICOs.

Peio Purlev by Feb 13, 2018

What is an ICO presale or Pre-ICO?

Some people see the words Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Pre-ICO and think that they are the same event. But they aren’t and it is easy to distinguish between the two. Pre-ICO is the token sale before the main crowdfunding campaign that is the ICO. Why do companies issue a pre-sale before the main sale?

Peio Purlev by Feb 13, 2018

What are Initial Coin Offering airdrops?

Are there ways to earn tokens for free or for completing tasks or certain objectives? There is and it’s called an airdrop. It is a great way to distribute a certain amount of coins to the user base. Why do companies do this and how do airdrops happen? Read about airdrops in this comprehensive guide.

Carlos Terenzi by Feb 8, 2018

ARK Beginner’s Guide – Everything What You Need to Know

We know a lot about the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the market. But we do not have a clear outlook about other currencies that have interesting features. ARK is one of these cryptocurrencies that offers features that other currencies do not.

Carlos Terenzi by Feb 1, 2018

NEM (XEM) Beginner’s Guide – Everything What You Need to Know

Recently, several cryptocurrencies have been calling our attention. NEM has been lately in the news because of the Coincheck exchange hack. 523 NEM were stolen from the hot wallets of the company and several investors lost their coins. But do you know what NEM is and how it works? This is the guide that you need in order to understand this cryptocurrency.