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Peio Purlev by Nov 9, 2018

Atomic Swap Guide: What are Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps?

In this guide, I will try to explain to you as quickly and as easily as possible why atomic swap is a feature that is here to stay. Cross-Chain Atomic swaps give the ability to exchange digital assets across multiple different blockchain networks without central parties.

Peio Purlev by Aug 14, 2018

What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and how does it work?

Initial Exchange Offering: The project relies on the exchange or exchanges to make the crowdfunging, the smart contract and the marketing procedures…

Gene by Jul 14, 2018

Monero CPU Mining Hardware Benchmarks & CPU Mining Guide

Knowing the performance, as far as Hashrates go is important when choosing your CPU mining hardware, but you also need to take into account

Gene by Jul 11, 2018

Monero GPU Mining Hardware Benchmarks & GPU Mining Guide

That is exactly what this Monero GPU Mining benchmarks guide is for..The table below will show you different cards and different …

Gene by Jul 10, 2018

Cryptocurrency: The Newest Currency Rush Is On

Currency, no matter its form has shaped the world. As has happened throughout history, the promise of getting rich, or even simply becoming financially stable, has lured people by the millions.

Gene by Jul 10, 2018

ICO Evaluation: Detailed Explanation and Scorecard

ICO Evaluation is something that is often times simply overlooked. Companies and individuals are increasingly considering initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a way to raise capital or participate in investment opportunities.

Gene by Jul 10, 2018

Miners and Hashes and Blocks, Oh My! A Crypto Mining Guide

Cryptocurrencies, Miners and mining are confusing at best and damn near impossible to comprehend at worst.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 9, 2018

Smart City. China’s Futuristic Concepts for the Future of Urban Life

China’s Smart City design will pave the way for other countries when it comes to urban innovation. The futuristic concepts promise a bright future.

Peio Purlev by Jun 18, 2018

What are the Differences between Coins and Tokens?

In this guide we will explore the differences between Coins and Tokens, why the differences matter and some statistical data around the current best Coins and Tokens, rated by market capitalization.

Peio Purlev by Jun 12, 2018

Tokenization Guide: The differences between Tokenization and Encryption?

Tokenization Guide: The tokenization industry has been developing fast and in the future it’s estimated that you could tokenize all types of intellectual…