Bitcoin Gambling

Find the best place to gamble for Bitcoins!

Bitcoin Gambling Overview

Bitcoin Gambling Sites are just like normal online casinos, but instead of betting the common fiat currencies like USD, EUR or GBP, you stake Bitcoins! Many argue, that this is the future of gambling. Though we think, that they need to implement the Blockchain technology more into the casinos instead of just using the cryptocurrency, because of the legal status!

Playing on Bitcoin casino sites offers some crucial benefits.

Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Since we had numerous e-mails of people not only wanting to invest Bitcoin but to game with it, we decided to start reviewing the top bitcoin gambling sites currently available. The following table should help you find the best bitcoin casino for you – depending on various factors like Maximum Bonus, Live Dealer possibility, Live Support, Mobile Phone Application and Cash-Out Time.

Bitcoin Gambling SiteBonus (max)
Live SupportMobileFree-SpinsComments
1xBit 1xBit100%24/7Yes-2 Comments
BitStarz BitStarz-24/7Yes-0 Comments
PlayAmo Games PlayAmo.com100%24/7Yes22 Free Spins0 Comments
RED Pingwin Casino RED Pingwin Casino100%24/7Yes100 Free Spins1 Comments
SportsBet Comments
VegasCasino VegasCasino.io110%24/7Yes-1 Comments

Why play on a Bitcoin Casino?

Here is a list of arguments, why you should play on a Bitcoin Casino rather than on a normal one.
Pro’s for Gambling with Bitcoins:

  1. Better payout rates – Online BTC Casinos can offer those higher payouts since they have fewer costs. For example, there is no  need for a gambling licensing.
  2. Legal Side – Since Bitcoin is not an official Currency, playing games of hazard is not directly illegal.
  3. Anonym transactions – The anonymity being one of the strengths of Bitcoin is obviously also present into the casino transactions you need to do in order to start playing. Same apply’s to the need of payout.
  4. Fast transactions – Bitcoin transactions happen extremely fast, this is another huge bonus to the bitcoin gamble places. Online casinos sometimes need many working days to get your account set up with money.
  5. Nearly zero transactional fees – Costs for payouts are non-existent. This is a huge pain especially for online casinos relying only upon wire or credit card transfers.
  6. No Tax issues – Your government will not be able to tax you even if they wanted since you don’t even need to set your real life name for opening a bitcoin casino account. Most ‘normal’ online casinos even want an official ID like passport etc.

Pro's to gamble in Bitcoin


Con's on gambling with Bitcoin

Sadly there are the usual negative issues coming with Bitcoins.
Cons for Bitcoin Casinos:

  1. Less regulation – Nobody observing everything that is happening is something that is often seen in any business bitcoin is used in. Since there is less regulation you need to care that much more on choosing the best bitcoin casino possible! You should only force your luck only on stable, reliable and paying online casinos.
  2. No official gambling license – Given that there is less regulation and pretty much no standards on bitcoin gaming, there might be platforms that try to cheat you. This is why you should investigate the casinos before you start playing on their platforms.


Bitcoin Casino Bonus

The Bitcoin Casino Bonus, also known as Bitcoin welcome bonus, is one of the key factors to find the best online BTC casino! The Bonus is a way each bitcoin gambling site is trying to promote itself. Normally, it is an amount that is added to the account for each Bitcoin transferred to the bitcoin casino, for free.

Free deposit granted by the online BTC hazard place is only then unlocked when a specific amount of bets (in value) has been achieved. Unlocked means, that you are able to cash it out!

Example for a Bitcoin Deposit Bonus

Let us assume that a Bitcoin Casino is offering you a 100% welcome bonus to a total of 1 BTC. This means if you transfer 2 Bitcoin to your personal casino account, that you will get a bonus of 1 BTC. Meaning a total of 3 BTC available for playing.
You will be able to play the bonus, but you will not be able to cash it out until it is unlocked!

Important: Bitcoin Gambling Bonus


Understand that Bet Sizes matter in the gaming industry

Bet Sizes on Bitcoin Casinos

The topic of bet sizes is a crucial one! On normal non-bitcoin casinos you normally play with fiat currencies you know quite good, like USD, EUR or GBP. We already talked about, that on Bitcoin Casinos, you will be gambling BTC. And since 1 BTC is a lot of money, the Bitcoin Casino lets you bet in mBTC. 1 BTC = 1000 mBTC! This is a psychologic trick that the gambling places use, to trick our brains that we have a lot of chips and so we can risk more!

The info about the value of each chip is something you should always have in mind. Here are the standard chip sizes in value, if we valuate one bitcoin with 644 USD:

  • 1 mBTC Chip = 0.001*644 = 0.64 USD
  • 5 mBTC Chips = 3.22 USD
  • 10 mBTC Chips = 6.44 USD
  • 20 mBTC Chips = 12.88 USD
  • 25 mBTC Chips = 16.1 USD
  • 50 mBTC Chips = 32.2 USD
  • 100 mBTC Chips = 64.4 USD
  • 200 mBTC Chips = 128.8 USD
  • 400 mBTC Chips = 257.6 USD


Games you can play at Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos offer all of the game varieties normal or online gambling websites offer! Here is a list of the most played BTC gambling games:

  • Bitcoin Poker – Poker is the game that is most depended on the own player skills. The casino offers only the platform, the players play versus each other. The biggest advantage to play Poker on a Bitcoin casino is, that many countries have specific laws that don’t allow players playing poker on online casinos. With Bitcoin Casinos this is not a problem!
  • Bitcoin Roulette – Roulette is probably the most played game by casual players on real casinos since the rules are trivial. Many claim that they have some Bitcoin Roulette strategies, some of them make sense at least in managing your bankroll. There is also the possibility to play bitcoin roulette with real croupiers – and we highly encourage you to play only with such, so you at least see how the numbers are chosen!
  • Bitcoin Dice – This game is simple. You just take a virtual cup and let the dice roll inside of it. Depending on the bet – normally over or under, the payout is calculated. The casino has always a slightly better chance of winning, but a player can always get lucky and win!

To name some other famous BTChazard games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Raffle, Wheel of Fortune as well as many diverse slot games.

Games you can play on online bitcoin casinos


Play with a Live Dealer on a BTC Casino

Live Dealer on Bitcoin Casinos

A live dealer is a person, who is playing the games with you so the feeling is like on real casinos! They are the croupiers you expect to mix and lay out the cards. They also move the chips and play the cards. Everything is the same like on real life casinos, yet you just need to stand behind a computer.

We normally play only with live dealers – mostly blackjack. Since you can see everything that happens you know, that the casino is not making a fool out of you by exploiting some card algorithms and giving itself better chances.


Test the Bitcoin Gaming Sites before you transfer anything!

All serious bitcoin hazard sites offer a trial mode. This ‘fun’ mode is a way to test, review and learn the game you are playing with pseudo-money.

We highly recommend to everyone, who is willing to gamble, first to try the games out in trial mode and get familiar with how the game works and what all the possible buttons do!

First Test the Platform then Play for real bitcoins


Legal State of Bitcoin Gambling

Legal State on Bitcoin Gambling Platforms

Gambling with Bitcoin can be seen as a gray area. The countries or states that forbid gaming, they forbid gaming with fiat currencies. And since Bitcoin is only a cryptocurrency, it is not strictly illegal to play games of luck.
On the other side, the legal issue about Bitcoin casinos often is about the visitors (players) of the casino and the state the casino is established. This makes everything very complicated and we can not go into detail since it is mostly gray zone and pretty hard to interpret.

This is why one should always research it for her own country and probably should use fake names to be double secure.



Bitcoin Gambling is the alternative on online gaming with real currencies. This fact makes BTC Casinos stay on the gray zone on the legal question.

To find out the best Bitcoin Casino is not a job done in five minutes. Though we try to help you by providing detailed reviews on the top Bitcoin casinos that we have gamed on! Please feel free to comment how you liked this article and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to review a specific Bitcoin gambling casino!

Summary: Bitcoin Gambling


Useful Links and Information on Bitcoin Gambling

After reading all this text about cryptocurrency speculations, here are some links, which might interest you:

  • Gambling Addiction and Problems – a government site trying to find out if you have an addiction to gambling and tipps on how to get help.
  • Gambling Mathematics – Wikipedia article on the maths behind the most played bitcoin casino games.
  • Free Spins – Our page containing currently running promotions that offer free spins, without the need of an initial deposit..
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