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Bitcoin Gambling Regulations Around the World 

How Bitcoin Gambling works

Gambling with various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more, has become an increasingly popular option for the players all around the world. Gambling with BTC is an easier and faster option compared to the traditional FIAT currency counterpart. Only thing needed is the possession of some cryptocurrency and the ability to use the wallets like “BitGo”. In the past half of the decade the countries all over the world started to take notice of these developments and some started implementing crypto gambling laws. Several countries strongly oppose the idea of gambling altogether, while others are open to new possibilities.

Regulations of  BTC Gambling

According to CoinTelegraph, While almost all countries around the world have official regulations when it comes to Online Gambling, only some have clear outlines regarding the Crypto-Gambling. These countries are: UK, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Poland and Belgium. There are countries where bitcoin is banned as a way of legal payments, so correspondingly, it can’t be used in Gambling. The most famous example of such countries is Japan. Interesting fact about the country of the rising sun is that its gambling industry exceeds that of Nevada by over $4 Billion and it’s calculated to be close to $16B in total. One of the countries that is totally open to the possibilities of BTC Casinos is the United Kingdom, where there are clear cut regulations regarding the Crypto Gambling and its benefits and possible threats. UK supports the cryptocurrencies but warns its citizens about the dangers of an untrustworthy Bitcoin Casinos. Cryptocurrencies provide several significant advantages to the players worldwide and that’s why these Casinos are sought after in the world of gambling enthusiasts. It’s crucial to be able to choose the honest and trustworthy Casinos.

Casinos using bitcoin as Payment method

There are online Bitcoin casinos like Fortunejack, that have already made a name for themselves through their impeccable service, fast responses and numerous benefits for their players. Most of these casinos have been around for more than half of the decade and have been going strong from day 1. There are many ways to choose the most trustworthy and beneficial BTC Casinos on the internet. One can search through forums, join the various communities of gamblers, or simply trust the experienced critics and their detailed reviews. There are numerous Crypto Casino review websites, which provide the expert analyses and detailed information about the best BTC casinos around the world.


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