The Rock Trading Exchange: OVERVIEW

The home page of The Rock Bitcoin Exchange is laid out so that you get a whole lot of information and it’s all on one page. Since they are based out of Malta, they have a very customer service oriented business model. One that focusses on not only the customer’s complete satisfaction, but also on keeping their customer’s money safe and secure. Rock started out as a virtual Insurance Company for the game, Second Life. In 2011, they traded the first bitcoin and are currently one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges still active today. They have survived the years by providing consistently stellar services to their customers time and time again.

More than just Bitcoin, The Rock Bitcoin Exchange allows you to trade in Litecoin, Ether, Peercoin, Zcash and Ripple, as well. They also allow deposits in any of those cryptocurrencies, as well as in USD and Euros. You can also withdraw from any of those currencies to another currency they support easily, quickly and hassle free. They boast over 22 thousand users and over 9 years of experience. The professional attitude that the site displays definitely backs up the professional sentiment that they are putting out in front of the public.

The Rock Trading Exchange: QUICK STATS & FACTS


The Rock is a Malta based financial business that provides support for digital currencies. Most noteworthy is that they allow users from the US to join and use the site. Americans, as well as those from other nations can join and utilize the exchange platform they host. The Rock Bitcoin Exchange Started as a Virtual Insurance Company for the game Second Life and spent 4 years in that market. As a result of their success, they began a Bitcoin Trading Platform, which is the current platform on which their current site focusses.

While they do allow US full registration, site and feature usage, residents from the United States are unable to deposit or withdraw funds using a bank account, but can utilize OKPay as a result of this limitation.

Requirenments to open an Account on The ROCK Trading

To open an account with rock, all you need to do is enter your email address and create a password. Once you have created the user login information. There is no required verifications of phone numbers or identity to begin using the The Rock Bitcoin Exchange or its myriad of features.

The Rock Trading Exchange: MAIN FEATURES


Licensed Financial Business USD/EUR Fiats Supported Zcash trading
Ether Trading Referral Program Tools Multiple Merchant Tools
EUR Bank Wires Allowed Built-in Currency Exchange LiteCoin Trading
Ripple Trading Prepaid Debit Card Extensive Support System




Signing up for The Rock Bitcoin Exchange is pretty straightforward. Type in a valid email address that will accept emails and that you have access to and create an alphanumeric password. Once that is done, you simply need to submit the new user form and then head over to your email provider to check your email for a message from The Rock. Once you open it, click the link and then sign in with your newly created login information and that is all there is to it.

This is by far, one of the easiest and fastest Bitcoin exchanges to sign up for. There are not a lot of separate text fields that need to be filled out or a ton of information that they ask for. In fact, while verifying your account, you never even have to actually type in any extra information, they simply scan the info from your ID and address documents. It is streamlined without all of the extra headaches that most exchanges include within their process of verifying their users and the identities of those users.

In the world of Bitcoin exchanges, it is almost unheard of to sign up for an account and get fully verified without entering anything more than a username and password, and that’s absolutely it, as far as what you are required to type out by hand.

The Rock Trading Exchange: EMAIL VERIFICATION

The email verification process is much like many other email verification processes that most everyone has had to undergo in order to join a website. Look for the email from The Rock Bitcoin Exchange and you will see the link. Click the link and your email will be instantly verified within their system.

The Rock Trading Exchange: ACCOUNT COMPLETION


In order to get a higher limit level for deposits and withdrawals, it is necessary for you to verify your identity. The process that you need to follow is very straightforward and simple. It gives a couple of different options for those who may need some kind of special features. The first option is the most common and one that you are most likely familiar with, simply upload an image of your identification card, driver’s license or passport that you have stored on your computer. The additional option is for those who do not have a file stored on their ID image and it allows you to use your webcam to scan the id as you hold it in front of the lens.

Once you have uploaded or scanned your ID, it will take a few minutes as you watch the ever turning tail chasing itself. Never fear, this is a no waiting process after the tail finally stops spinning. If your image was clear, easy to read and has valid information, the system will automatically verify you. If you do not have a clear image or the system cannot verify the info, they may ask you to retry the verification process. In some situations, they may just direct you to check your email box in the next day or two for an email from support. This simply means that your ID image requires human verification.

Either way, once you get the ID done, The Rock Bitcoin Exchange will need you to verify your mailing address. This cannot be a PO Box and must be in the form of a utility bill, phone bill, bank statement or another identifying document that has your address current and recent.

The Rock Trading Exchange: ACCOUNT FUNDING


If you are using Euros to fund your account, you can choose to fund your wallets using your bank account and initiating a bank wire. Depositing Euros is the only currency that can be deposited via your bank account. If you are funding using US Dollars, then you do not get the bank wire option. Both Euros and Dollars allow for the use of OKPay in order to fund your account and both also allow you to fund your Euro and USD balance using Ripple. This is a great feature that makes it very easy to get the funds in the currency you need instantly and for virtually no exchanging fees.

You can also deposit into any of your cryptocurrency wallets directly and again, you may use ripple to fund any of the other cryptocurrencies instantly and virtually for free.

The Rock Trading Exchange: BANK ACCOUNTS

Entering your bank account is done within the Ewallet section. The only option to load funds to your account by bank is to do it as a wire transfer. Simply add in your banking information and click on save to store the info for later use. Note, again, you must be using a European bank with a SEPA number. US Banks are not allowed for deposits or withdrawals.

The Rock Trading Exchange: ID VERIFICATION


Until you completely verify your account using the online instant verification system, you will have certain limits that will seriously impact your trading capabilities. These limits will be realized in the form of amount limits on a per trade, per day and per weekly basis. The account verification system makes it easy to verify your account instantly and get your profile lifted of all amount restrictions and give you the freedom to move and trade and sell and buy in limitless quantities.



Buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ether or Zcash is simple and The Rock Bitcoin Exchange provides a very user friendly, while still sophisticated user interface to make the entire process both, easy and professional, while maintaining the features and professionalism needed to make even the most astute trader satisfied.

Simply choose your trading paid from the list of available options on the exchange page and you will be taken to the page that will allow you to exchange the currency you hold, which should be the first currency listed for the second currency listed. You will see a snapshot of your balances in both currencies, a small chart for analytical research and data and the buy/sell orders. You will also see the last 10 trades to give you an idea of how the currency has been moving. To initiate a trade, simply fill in the box under the appropriate category for your wish; sell or buy. Set your market buy and the system will buy your coins when the market condition is met.

The statistics on the page are all able to be refreshed individually and even expanded out to show you a longer time period if you wish. There is not much instruction here, so if you do not have any experience, you may want to visit a tutorial before trekking here on your own. While the interface is an easy to understand set-up, the buying and selling of currencies carries some risks.

The Rock Trading Exchange: WEB INTERFACE/FEATURES

The Rock Trading Exchange: DASHBOARD

The dashboard area on The Rock Bitcoin Exchange would have to be the currency exchange page, where all of the currencies are listed in pairs and you can see the vital statistics for each pair in the chart that accompanies the list. While not a typical user dashboard, it does offer a snapshot of the available currencies and their current market value and volumes. While the lack of an actual user dashboard may be a turn-off for some people, most will find that the elements one usually finds within a dashboard page are spread out throughout the site in such a way that it makes them more naturally a part of rock.

The Rock Trading Exchange: ADVANCED/EXTRA FEATURES



Rock allows you to deposit or withdraw into any currency you wish, using any currency you have a balance of and wish to withdraw. You can combine your balances and withdraw them all to one currency or do the opposite and split the amount of a certain currency into 1, 2 or all of the available currencies that The Rock Bitcoin Exchange has support for. Currently supported are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Zcash and Ripple.

The Rock Trading Exchange: NEWS PAGE

Rock has a news page that will keep the users of their trading platform up to date on all of the things happenings on the site and platform in real time, allowing users to prepare accordingly for maintenance, system downtime that is planned, as well as new or upcoming investment opportunities. The news feed is hosted on a page of its own so that there is no bulky RSS feed or page element that must take up one or all of your other account area pages. They spare the advertising for the benefit of the customer and it helps to allow people who need to know a great venue to get the info.

The Rock Trading Exchange: REFERRAL PROGRAM

Rock affiliate partnership program is very basic. In fact, you have to email them and ask them to join as a partner. They pay out 0.05% on each trade made by one of your referrals through the traffic you send. They allow you to check your earnings in real-time and give you simple linking codes as the only real tools available for promoting rock, but it is still a newer affiliate program in its early stages of operation.

To become a partner and start earning referrals, simply send them a message through the onsite support ticketing system and they will send you your linking codes and any other information you need to get started.

The Rock Trading Exchange: APIs AND DEV TOOLS

The Rock Bitcoin Exchange has some great features for the tech minded as well. Whether you need an API to help streamline your system or want to gather data in a more organized fashion, there is something for you. The APIs are easily integrated with what they are doing at the Rock, they have the tools and APIs you need. Head over to the API page to make yourself a new API key that can then be used to tie your digital currency trading activities together and help you spend more time counting money.

The Rock Trading Exchange: BUSINESS INFO & CONTACT

The Rock Bitcoin Exchange is a licensed company in Valetta, Malta. They have been in business since 2007 and opened as a Bitcoin exchange in 2011. Here, you can view their Certificate of Registration.

The Rock Trading Map

The Rock Trading Ltd
60/2, Melita Street,
VLT1122 Valletta (Malta)
VAT #: Mt 2141-3629

The Rock Trading Exchange: CONCLUSION/SUMMARY

In closing, the thing that stands out about The Rock Bitcoin Exchange that truly sets it apart from the rest of the field is the simplicity and ease in which it operates for the end user. While trading experience must be gained before one can truly realize their revenue and profit potentials in currency trading, even the greenest of all users can easily figure out the functionality of the interface. There is nothing left to chance or question when it comes to what each button, link or clickable link does or what will happen if you do any particular action within the exchange platform.

This level of usability makes the platform perfect for the new trader, giving them just enough to test their feet in the shallow end of the pool, while at the same time allowing the big fish traders to swim lavishly in the deep end; all at the same time. It is a perfect balance of features and simplicity that is unparalleled within the industry.

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