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exchanges and its market helps to determine the value of Bitcoin at any given time. It is an exchange owned by iFinex Inc, a licensed US Corporation. Recently, in the news, Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange sued Wells Fargo regarding wire transfers. As a result, Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange no longer allows withdrawals in USD.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is a feature packed exchange that offers a ton of tools and support to its users. In addition to Bitcoin, Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange also allows trading in several other cryptocurrencies, including Monero, Litecoin and Ethereum. The exchange offers an easy to use interface that is customizable and tools to help any trader achieve the success they desire.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange was founded in 2014 and is based in the United States. Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange deals in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, DASH, Litecoin, Recovery Right Tokens, Bitconnect, Bitcoin Unlimited, Ethereum Classic and Zcash. The only Fiat they deal with is USD. While you can fund your account in US Dollars, you cannot withdraw to the fiat. The support and tools offered on the exchange are unparalleled within the industry. Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange caters to users of all experience levels.

Requirements to open an Account on the Bitfinex Exchange

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

The only requirement to open an account on Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is a valid and working email address. Other than that, you need to create a username and password and that is about it. Once you verify your email, then you will have access to all of the features and benefits within the exchange site.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: Main Features

Licensed US Business USD Deposits Ether Trading
Very Low Fees Custom Interfaces Pro Security Features
Reporting Tools Monero & Litecoin Innovative APIs
Mobile App Real Time Statistics Extensive Support System

Detailed Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange Review

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: Sign up Process amp; Requirenments

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Signing up for Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is as simple as typing in your email address and creating a username and password and then waiting the 10 seconds it takes to get the email verification. Click the link in the email and you are in. It really could not be any simpler. That is literally all there is to the sign up process.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: EMAIL VERIFICATION

The verification email will come almost instantly once you enter your info and click the button. The email is plain, simple and contains the obvious link to get your email verified. They do suggest that you check your spam box if you do not see the email in your box, but other than that it is pretty straight forward.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: ACCOUNT COMPLETION

Once your email is verified, you will be able to utilize the full exchange features offered unless you want to deposit funds via USD. USD deposits require you to get your account verified. However, depositing, trading and withdrawing in the several cryptocurrencies they offer is available to you as soon as you access your account for the very first time. Adjusting your settings can be done from the account page if you wish to set security settings, notification, etc.… There is not much to setting up and completing your account at Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange and you can accomplish it in very little time.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: ACCOUNT FUNDING

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Funding of your Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange account can be done via any of the cryptocurrencies they support or USD if you are verified. Cryptocurrencies supported are Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, DASH, Litecoin, Recovery Right Tokens, Bitconnect, Bitcoin Unlimited, Ethereum Classic and Zcash. By simply entering in your Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange wallet address into your digital currency storage wallet and hitting send, you can easily fund your Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange wallets.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: ID VERIFICATION

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

There are two option for verifying your Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange account. The first is for individuals, and the second is for corporate accounts. Individual account verification is pretty simple and requires you to fill out the online form with your contact info. You will then have to upload copies of your ID, bank Statement and proof of address documentation.

For corporate accounts, information is needed for all directors, significant shareholders or controlling officers of the company. Then the appropriate business forms will need to be uploaded. Once this is done, each officer must also fill out an individual verification form, as well. Any documents that are not written in Roman/Latin alphabet will require a certified English translation.


Buying and selling any of the digital currencies offered on Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange, including Bitcoin is pretty much the standard as it is on all exchanges. They have limit orders, an OTC and marginal options available. The fees you will pay will depend on the amount of the trade and whether you are a maker or a taker. Depositing and withdrawing in any of the cryptocurrencies is always free. Depositing and withdrawing in USD has a 0.1% fee and express withdrawing has a 1% fee.

Trade fees up to $500,000 will incur 0.1% for the maker and 0.2% for the taker. The fees go down for amounts higher than $500,000.


Bitfinex Exchange: MAIN PAGE

The main page of Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is the main exchange view. You have the charts and the orders, everything you would expect to find on any Bitcoin or even fiat exchange website. To the left of the main content area, there is a quick order form that allows you to do a quick sell/buy with ease. It is fully functional, with all options being available from the easy to use and simple form.

Across the top of the page, there Are the standard navigation links that allow you to access the different parts of your account and the general website. In the footer, you will find links to everything else. Information, help, support and even the legalese stuff that everyone hates to read. The footer is available on all pages of the site, not just the main page


Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange allows you to customize your interfaces completely. They allow the customization of charts, general layout, order book, tables, themes and tickers.

You will be able to customize your charts by choosing whether or not to show orders, positions, price alerts and then can choose the interval of time for gauging trends and market speculator activities.

You can choose to have your sidebar trading form on the left or right sidebar, whether or not to even have the sidebar order form and can choose from head or sidebar ticker and navigation styles. Your order book can be displayed either in cumulative view or amount view and can be edited to display the columns in one of three choices. Your theme can be one of three options; light, dark or black. Finally, your tickers can show volume in terms of the first currency pair or shown in the BTC equivalent.


Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: MOBILE APP

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange mobile app us available on both iOS and Android and offers users a complete feature packed and fully functional way to trade in Bitcoin or the other currencies that they offer. It is a state of the art mobile app and is constantly updated ad kept new and fresh, with all of the latest features that they add to the site.

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange mobile app is very user friendly, easy to navigate and is not frustratingly cluttered. They have done an excellent job on the interface, layout and design without sacrificing any of the functionality that most trading apps do.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: ACCOUNT SETTINGS

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Under your account settings, Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange gives you the option to edit a lot of different things. This makes it possible to get your account just the way you like it. It starts with your account type. You can choose between Trader, Exchange or deposit account types. Each giving you a more customized version of Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange to make the features you need more readily available without the clutter of the stuff you will not utilize.

You can also edit the currencies and pairs that you see. This allows you to avoid the extra content on the page that you have no interest in and bring the currencies you do deal without front in a more user friendly manner. Getting rid of the clutter is the aim of this feature and it is an amazing way to streamline your business.

You can customize the date & time format to your desire, as well as setting your time zone so that the times on the site reflect your local time. You can choose to have your fees deducted in either USD or BTC, making it easier for you to manage your expenses.

Your funding options on Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange can be edited, as well. You can choose to keep margin funding open after being used in a margin position, or to close margin funds that expire first and even if you want to take new margin funding, to use the funds immediately to back your position. Finally you can choose your default for margin positions between daily or term.

Next, you can choose to either enable or disable automatic orders and withdrawals. This allows for more complex work flows. You can choose to set parameters that withdraw or deposit when certain conditions are met and even do so between currencies. The possibilities are endless with the options being totally customizable and created by the user.

The last setting is whether or not to truncate any amounts entered that exceed 5 decimal places after the integer. This comes in handy if you are dealing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that carry the amounts out 8 decimal places.

Finally, you can view your entire history of account setting changes that have been made on your account. This is a great way for you to track which settings help you to optimize your profits.


Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange has stellar account security features. Every time you login, it tells you across the top of the page when your last login was and the location in which your account was accessed. In addition, they utilize Clef for 2 factor authorizations in addition to sms.

Under your account section, you can choose to edit your security preferences. The first thing they show you is their recommendations on how to secure your account. You then have your 2FA area where you can choose from Google Authenticator, Clef or Twilio to require you to enter an additional code to access your account.

Next, you can even edit your preferences for sessions. They give you the options to allow or forbid logins on their onion domain, whether or not to keep sessions alive, if you wish to receive an email on each login and you can even choose to auto log out and be notified anytime your account is accessed from a new IP address. You can also choose to add IP addresses to a whitelist, allowing only those sessions to be allowed. Finally, in the security section, you can check out your login history.

Bitfinex Exchange: APIs

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange APIs are designed to give you access to all of the features and functionality of the exchange website. They provide both REST and WebSocket APIs and give the access url ( for any informational needs. They also host several open source integrations and libraries that you can utilize to make your profit margins rise.

API keys can be created and managed under the API section of the site. API keys are not able to be recovered, so they suggest you document them accordingly.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: TOURS

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange offers new users (and old users for that matter) the option of taking guided tours of some of the exchanges features and functionalities. They have a “Welcome Tour”, “My Wallets” tour, “Exchange trading” tour, “Margin Trading” tour, “Margin Funding” tour and a “Tips & Tricks” tour.

The tour gives an on screen instruction that stays there until you complete the given instruction. Once you click where they want you to, a new instruction will appear. This helpful guide will show you all of the steps needed to successfully conduct the operation in which you wish to complete.

The nice thing about this method of a “tour” is that you can take your time since the instructional tour guide is not set on auto play or a running, timed video. You can look around and get comfortable while taking the tour. When you are one with the tour, or want to quit early, just hit the ‘x’ in the tour box and it goes away, never to bother you again.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange allows you to choose whether or not to receive notifications on your desktop or on the exchange website itself. You can choose which notifications to receive and which to not receive. Orders, trades, margin Funding and Security/Account notification options are the choices and you choose yes or no. Pretty simple really. This helps you stay aware of the stuff that is important to you and not have to deal with the non-relevant items.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: REPORTS

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

If reports are a big part of your Bitcoin trading then Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is going to be a playground for you. They have an immense collection of reporting options available at no cost to account holders. Summaries of volumes, fees, trading and even login history are the tip of the reporting iceberg. That is followed by reports on balances in all 11 currencies that they support. Then they have 2016 and 2017 order history reports, trade history reports, deposit and withdrawal reports and then all kinds of funding reports with different variations of a couple of those. The report options are unsurpassed anywhere.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: SUPPORT

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

In the Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange support section, they offer the site tours, an extensive platform knowledgebase and the option to open a new ticket. The knowledgebase is fully automated with a built in search bar to make finding the answers you need simple and hassle free. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, they have it broken down by category to make finding the info you want simple.

If you can’t find what you are looking for still they give you the option of opening a ticket on site or emailing them at the email address they provide on the bottom of the main support page. If you need to send them an email or open a support ticket, they reply to your request very fast, usually within the matter of a couple of hours.

The ticketing system is fully automated and is very easy to use, navigate and understand. It is nothing more than a simple email type form that you give a subject to, choose a help topic and then write your message.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: CAREERS

If you are looking for a job, they do have a careers page. They give a detailed breakdown of the benefits of working for Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange, as well as the requirements. The open positions are shown at the bottom of this page and that is the link which you click to submit your resume or application. Clicking on the open position will take you to a new page that gives a more detailed overview of what they are looking for. To apply, you will simply email them with your intent and resume.

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange: LEGAL SECTION

The Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange legal section is an immense area. Each page is accessible via the footer of the page under the heading “Legal”. They offer the standard terms of service, anti-spam info, privacy policy and even specific areas for tokens and their law enforcement policies. The great thing about the legal section is that they don’t make you have to grab a dictionary to read it. They wrote it all out in plain, easy to understand English so that you actually understand what it is that you are reading.

Bitfinex Exchange: BUSINESS INFO & CONTACT

Bitifnex Bitcoin Exchange

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange was established in 2014 by Infinex Financial Group out of Connecticut in the United States. In the time they have been in operation, they have become one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

Infinex Financial Group
Meriden, CT
webmaster@Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange


Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is by far one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in the world. They help to determine the overall value of Bitcoin and have proven themselves to be a world class Bitcoin company. With options to trade in other cryptocurrencies, they have surpassed what anyone could expect from a Bitcoin exchange website. The features and security they offer are world class and go beyond the industry Standards and US financial sector requirements. They have awesome customer support response times and they truly go out of their way to make sure their customers are completely satisfied. When looking for a safe, secure and feature packed Bitcoin exchange you can really do no better than Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange.

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