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Mining for natural elements like zinc or gold lacks practicality, so why not turn to ultra-modern methods of mining that could produce a healthy return? Those with a dream of mining can turn to a safer, less time-consuming alternative: mining remotely on the blockchain.
With the announcement that they are relaunching their Bitcoin cloud mining contracts, Genesis Mining will once again offer their cutting-edge mining hardware and software remotely. It’s an opportunity for those who want to get their digital pickaxe dusty to utilize the Genesis team’s sizeable investment in mining technology, not to mention their unparalleled expertise.
In the past, Genesis’ Bitcoin cloud mining contracts have proven to be a hot commodity that don’t stay on the market for long. Their last launch in 2017 proved once again that demand for cloud mining contracts is strong: the batch of contracts sold out in less than 72 hours. The immensely positive response allowed Genesis leadership—who have tallied nearly five years of experience in cryptocurrency contracting—to regroup and prepare for their next offering.
Reflecting on the relaunch, Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng said, “Last year we simply found ourselves in a situation where the demand was simply greater than the supply we had available at that time. Over the past six months, we’ve dedicated significant resources to expanding our operations and developing our new GM Radiant Technology which will give us the highest level of efficiency we’ve ever had”
With cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin, constituting an increasingly crowded and difficult-to-navigate space, Genesis Mining’s leadership has ensured that they don’t allow competition to catch up. Through expansion of their mining infrastructure, meticulous upkeep of their reputation for customer care, and dedication to constantly updating their large scale multi-algorithm cloud mining services, Genesis positions itself favorably among the competition.
Too often, players in the cloud crypto mining space offer unrealistic returns, don’t have the hardware necessary to deliver on promises, or simply deal with unsuspecting customers in bad faith. Having built a reputation over five years for good faith business dealings—as evidenced by their large, loyal customer base—Genesis Mining has earned their reputation as one of the most trustworthy mining houses on the planet.
The relaunch of their Bitcoin cloud mining contracts is an opportunity that doesn’t come along often. The supply of these contracts, while limited to a fixed number, varies in terms of hashpower offered and pricing. Each contract has a term of two years.
Based on the past, it’s a virtual guarantee that this batch of contracts—while available at the moment—won’t be up for grabs much longer.
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