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Recently, an unknown Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miner was able to attain control of over 50% of the token’s hash rate for a period longer than 24 hours.

This did not go unnoticed by the community as many people pointed out towards the old discussion of why BCH is a risk and a liability. A lot people have also asked that the token is de-listed.

The Bitcoin Cash miner in question, managed to mine precisely 73 blocks from 10 AM on the 24th of October up until between 10 and 11AM on the 25th.

The Bitcoin Cash miner managed to raise huge awareness to many BCH concerns

While this might not be such a huge deal on itself, many experts have highlighted that if the Bitcoin Cash miner or miners, could so easily take a hold of over 50% of BCH’s hash rate, the time from which serious damage can be caused is just around the corner.

Many Reddit users were rightfully concerned and and shared their worries. It was also pointed out that this could be a result of Bitcoin (BTC) miners experimenting with some of their extra hash power by pointing it towards BCH.

Last month, Bitcoin’s hash rate went up to a record for 40%. This phenomenon was left largely unexplained considering bitcoin’s network broke many strings during the crypto summer.

A Bitcoin Core Developer recently mentioned that all current ways to combat the potential of a 51% attack will inevitably lead to more centralization. He also pointed out that small-scale cryptocurrencies are definitely more vulnerable.

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