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BitMEX Research has recently announced the launch of a new website that will be monitoring network upgrades in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The new site is known as ForkMonitor.info and will be providing the necessary information to users and investors. In this way, there will be less uncertainty in the market. The information was released by BitMEX Research in a blog post on November 5.

BitMEX Research Launches ForkMonitor.info

Cryptocurrency investors and users will have a new tool in order to be updated about the upcoming hard and soft forks in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The ForkMonitor.info website will display information these two chains.

Bitcoin Cash is going to experience a hard fork on November 15. There are several proposals to improve the BCH network. One is known as Bitcoin SV, and the other as Bitcoin ABC. A third proposal is known as Bitcoin Unlimited.

About it, BitMEX Research informed:

“The forkmonitor.info website may also be useful in monitoring the situation during this upgrade. After the Bitcoin Cash hardfork is complete, the website’s intention is to move some of the focus over to Bitcoin. The plan is to run more versions of Bitcoin Core (especially older versions), as well as independent implementations such as Bcoin, BTCD and Libbitcoin. This may be helpful in spotting any consensus bugs, such as the inflation bug CVE-2018-17144, which was discovered in September 2018.”

The website’s code will also be made open source and encourage other organizations to monitor chains in a similar way as BitMEX will do.

Bitcoin ABC seems to be the most popular implementation for Bitcoin Cash. Apparently, the majority of Bitcoin Cash users are going to support the hard fork and follow this specific chain.

Bitcoin SV could not win, but it has several backers behind. For example, Craig Wright, a recognized Bitcoin Cash supporter, is promoting this improvement. Additionally, Coingeek, BMG Pool and SV Pool are backing this proposal. These Bitcoin Cash mining pools have an important share of the whole Bitcoin Cash hash rate.

Although it seems that the Bitcoin ABC proposal is the one that will receive the largest number of supporters, uncertainty remains in the market. In order to have a clear understanding of what is happening in the cryptocurrency space, especially in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks.


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