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Birdchain is the new ICO that arrived at the market to revolutionize the SMS industry. At the moment, SMS are highly used by all major businesses. They use SMS to inform clients about promotions, transactions and different communications. Even when people does not use SMS as much as before, enterprises have 97% of client reachability. In addition to it, SMS just work properly and are an efficient method to communicate with customers.

Birdchain is an instant messaging app that will allow people to automatically sell their unused SMS messages to business that require them. In this way, the price of A2P SMS service will be reduced by up to 6 times for businesses. As a reward, the seller of the SMS will be able to earn up to €300 euros per month.

What is Birdchain Proposal?

Companies and big business send several messages per day to their customers in order to communicate with them. But they have to pay an expensive price for it. Nowadays, telephone plans do include several SMS that people do not use. Birdchain will allow the users to sell their unused SMS through the Birdchain app allowing the customer to earn between €30 to €300 euros per month.

The company even developed a simulation app. It does not actually sell messages, but demonstrates how the app will look and how it is going to work. The simulation app can be downloaded from their ICO page: .

Know Your Customer Policy

The company intention is to enforce a mandatory know-your-customer (KYC) check to prevent identity theft, terrorist financing, money laundering, and financial fraud. In addition to those questions, KYC policy will allow Birdchain team to understand the token holders and manage the risks prudently.

In the future, all the ICO founders will be contacted by government authorities and require information about their funds. The governments will also require the information about people that helped building these funds. In the case that Birdchain will not develop a proper KYC, the funds will be confiscated or ordered to be returned to the donators.

With a good KYC policy, Birdchain will be able to fulfil the promises given during the ICO in the best possible way.

Token and ICO

The company will issue BIRD tokens based on the Ethereum platform, which allows smart contracts to be performed. With smart contracts, Birdchain token can be trusted as a truly transparent and decentralized service. This technology also ensures that Birdchain eliminates the need for intermediaries.

BIRD tokens will be used to buy or sell transactional and promotional SMSs. Businesses will purchase BIRDs and they will be able to place bids for SMS campaigns. During the ICO Birdchain tokens will be locked until the end of the ICO and BIRDs will be listed in exchanges 4 to 8 weeks after the ICO ends. In case that all the BIRDs are not sold, the remaining tokens will be shared to all contributors proportionally depending on their contribution.

Bird Token Distribution:

Birdchain Token Distribution

Birdchain Token Distribution

The ICO will start on November the 18th and will finish on December the 31st. The hard cap of Birdchain ICO is 86,000 Ether while the soft cap is 9,500 Ether. In case the soft cap is not reached, the users will receive back the funds by sending a small amount of ETH to a specific address.

Birdchain Team

Birdchain’s team is a professional group of experts from the A2P SMS market. The team has members from VertexSMS, a marketing company that worked with various international brands as Western Union, Uber, Sales Force, TransferGo and many others.

Ernestas Petkevicius and Aurimas Sabaitis are Birdchain’s founders. The CEO is Audrius Vrubliauskas. Jonas Valeisa is the Key Account Manager and Marius Petrauskas is the Public Relations Manager. The team includes Grabriele Brazinskaite, Martynas Rackauskas, Aiste Surutkoviviute, Arminas Keraitis, Darius Miliauskas, Zygimantas Vanagas, Alisher Gafurov, Tomas Vitkauskas, Zygimantas Zilevicius and others.


This great team of experts in the A2P SMS market has come with an incredible solution to unused but paid SMS. Enterprises and individuals will be able to benefit from Birdchain app as soon as it will be in the market. The KYC policy and a committed team will allow the goals to be accomplished. This will permit, Birdchain will flourish.

For more information, you can visit Birdchain webpage.

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