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bill miller hedge fund

The Bill Miller hedge fund, recently saw 46% growth in Q1 of 2019. Reportedly, a large part of the growth is thanks to timely investments into bitcoin.

One investor document, provides details on how and why Miller accomplished such remarkable outcomes. It seems that the hedge fund did not invest only in crypto, but chose a large amount of high-performing stocks.

The document reveals that apart from bitcoin, the fund invested a great deal into Amazon, the security system firm ADT and Avalon Products.

The almost 70 year-old investor, apparently discovered a winning formula by following a comparative investment strategy which utilized during his three-decade run at Legg Mason.

The Bill Miller hedge fund does not have a magical secret formula

Miller’s successful formula however, isn’t anything remarkable. The investor shared that he simply invested in securities, which traded at large discount to their intrinsic value.

Bloomberg also showcases that Miller’s hedge fund has assets worth about $126 million.

At the same time, the almost 70 year-old investor oversees $2.3 billion at his Baltimore-based company.

It also appears that the hedge fund’s monthly performance has seen its fair share of volatility.

 There was a huge surge worth 39% in June, which was however, preceded by a nearly as big 29% drop just one month earlier.

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