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Because of the recent market woes, many people seem to think that bitcoin is under performing. That is definitely not the case as a lot of experts are unanimous that bitcoin is in fact, 2019’s best performing asset.

The simple reality is that there are no investors who can name a better-performing asset than bitcoin. If we look at precious metals, the undisputed king Gold, has recorded a price increase of 17% since the start of the year and the S&P 500 recorded a 21% increase.

Ironically enough, the US Treasury bond yield is 1.6% which is close to historic level lows. If we look at bitcoin however, we can instantly see that Q3 was finished at roughly $8.3K. This is a 114% increase since the 1st of January and investors who started the year buying bitcoin, have since then more than doubled their investment.

The best performing asset is also the youngest by a mile

As usual, bitcoin is criticized for being a baby asset that is created by a phantom. That being said, the baby asset is making substantial price gains for yet another year while the global economy is slowing down and government bonds from Europe, the United States and Japan are yielding negative yields. The stock market is also having a very rough start to the month.

A few months ago, the crypto summer hit its peak as bitcoin was near the $12K mark. As the market slowed down and bitcoin slowly dropped down and hovered between $7.8K and $9K investors were beginning to get interested.

Institutional investors are already diving in to the crypto market and with this year’s price increase, it’s completely natural that pension funds and endowments are interested in cryptocurrencies.

For comparison, the best-performing stocks are information-technology ones. The sector has recorded a 31% return and outperformed both gold and bonds by a decent amount. Of course, Wall Street reports never mention bitcoin and the near 4-time larger gains are ignored completely.

Most investors now realize however, that unlike stocks and bonds, bitcoin is not dependent on sovereign authorities and the decisions of governments and their central bank handlers.

This is why most investors came to the realization that bitcoin and the crypto market in general are healthy and growing at a great pace. With the bitcoin halving being just around the corner, the next few months promise to be very interesting for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

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