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BAT tokens

The Chief Administrator of the blockchain-powered internet browser startup Brave, Alex Wykoff, declared that clients utilizing the most recent version will have the ability to withdraw their BAT tokens in a post on Brave’s forum shared on July 24.

The post states that clients of the last untested and currently-developed adaptation of the Brave Browser can withdraw their BAT tokens after confirming their ID via the crypto banking startup UpHold.

BAT tokens to help content creators

After the ID is confirmed, clients will have the option to purchase extra BAT token, if they desire to contribute to the website and content development more than they make by viewing countless Brave Ads.

Wykoff clarifies that winning BAT through ads and sending those tokens as tips and auto-commitment to content creators will be the same as before.

A new feature, is that to include assets from any outer source —, for example, a Mastercard, bank account, or any another crypto wallet — clients need to confirm their ID with UpHold.

Moreover, the post underlines that content creators should have their IDs confirmed with UpHold to get a tip. Those who aren’t verified, will have no chance to participate in any way.

Wykoff also speaks about some basic issues. For example, the way that client’s wallet address and Uphold username will visible to content makers when they receive a tip. Additionally, only creators with one channel will have the option to be verified.

All things considered both of those issues will most likely be resolved next month.

A few more serious issues however, are that some clients report the inability to self-tip and that programmed reward stores don’t always work as intended.

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