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The public’s perception is something that is very important to the cryptocurrency community. A few years ago the few conferences, which discussed cryptocurrency were mainly Anarcho capitalists and Libertarians.

The earliest conventions and events mainly talked about Bitcoin and the Free market in general. In recent times however, the conferences and topics have become incredibly more diverse and intense. You can also meet people with many differing views. In fact nowadays Anarcho Capitalists and Libertarians make up about 20-30% of the people attending the events.

Those who have tasted power, want to always be in control

The banks have never had a problem with gold existing, as long as people still used fiat currency. That way they could still retain control of the money supply and in doing so they could keep their grip on the governments.

That is easily achieved, when they manipulate interest rates and increase or decrease the money supply. This has been true ever since the banking cartels have started ruining economies and countries. As Nathan Rothschild said:

“I care not which puppet sits on the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Digital gold. The term is rather new term and it basically means that a digital currency is based on mass units of gold. From 1873 to 1933 these were exchangeable for gold on demand in the US. Bitcoin was meant as a peer-to-peer cash, which is what Satoshi Nakamoto outlined for it and even wrote the title for it in his white paper.

Bitcoin may never fulfill that purpose. In the event it becomes a form of digital gold, there will be be a competitor. The need for digital cash has never been greater.

In recent times many people have begun questioning Bitcoin. Massive censorship has started in the Reddit Bitcoin forum. Anyone who as much as went against what the Bitcoin core people were talking was instantly censored.

Hardcore censorship doesn’t sit well with the peer-to-peer free market currency, which many people thought Bitcoin was. It’s very peculiar how the second someone speaks out against Bitcoin, they instantly get a horde of sock puppet trolls on their platforms. Many Youtubers, bloggers and even financial analysts have reported a great increase in dislikes in comments or reviews after they state a position, which criticizes Bitcoin.

If the institutions which hold the world hostage view you as an enemy, you are on the right path

There is definitely a sort of war going on with this entire concept. The fact that there is a lot of censorship, there are paid trolls on the Bitcoin core site, doesn’t sit well with people, who value the idea of the free market peer-to-peer currency.

The globalists have an incentive to move Bitcoin away from being that. Blockstream itself has a massive motive to do that.

They’ve raised over 60 million in venture capital from globalist entities such as AXA Insurance. Companies like this tie very well into the whole globalist financial system and their entire business model works if Bitcoin is slow and expensive. The incentives are eye gouging.

Opinions on this subject can differ. The thing which cannot be denied is that the banks want in on the cryptocurrency craze. The grasp of banks and globalists on freedom is always tightening. We can build the future, by learning from the past. If our past has taught us something, it’s that banks will not allow competition or progress.

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