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Microsoft has just shared exciting news about their Azure Blockchain echnology. The company plans to integrate the technology into the stock exchange Nasdaq’s Financial Framework (NFF).

According to yesterday’s press release, Microsoft will integrate the blockchain service with NFF. The technology will provide software for the trading infrastructure and operations outsourcing. Additionally, Nasdaq’s risk and surveillance technology needs will also be met.

This exciting collaboration between the two parties will result in the development of a “ledger agnostic blockchain capability.” This will allow the ability to operate across multiple ledgers. The new product will aim to facilitate easier buyer-to-seller matching, delivery and transaction management.

The Azure Blockchain only stands to benefit from this development

With the Azure Blockchain integration, NFF customers will be able to deploy multiple blockchains through a single interface. Granted, it might not be the most user-friendly interface, but it will be extremely beneficial for the promotion of blockchain development.

The Senior Vice president of Enterprise Architecture at Nasdaq, Tom Fay shared his excitement about the cooperation with Microsoft. He mentioned that this partnership will eliminate many of the difficulties related to the integration of blockchain tech into existing infrastructures.

Nasdaq doesn’t seem to slowing down on surprises as they recently revealed their new blockchain patent. The application was originally filed way back in January 2017. The application was for a computer system able to release time-sensitive information to investors securely via blockchain.

According to the filing, the goal would be to provide a computer-system, which through a mult-signature system, would quickly send out information to specific users with virtually no risk and the lack of audit trail, which exists with legacy computers.

Earlier this year, Azure introduced a proof-of-authority (PoA) algorithm on its Ethereum blockchain product.  This new product has many features, which ensure its proper functionality and security. Some of these features are Party’s web-assembly support, the Azure Monitor, the identity leasing system and a Governance DApp.

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