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Blockchain has proven in recent times to be a very vital technology in the relatively short time it has been around; proving to be compatible with almost every single industry you could think of. A week ago the United States’ House of Representatives held a discussion about what the technology was capable of and could even be integrated into government operations.

Australians have also joined the quest for more research and education in Blockchain and have introduced a course for the technology at the university level. The technology which is beginning to take the whole world by surprise (thanks to cryptocurrencies) isn’t going unnoticed by the Aussies and Melbourne RMIT has decided to offer an eight weeks brief course to educate people on the technology and its capabilities.

The RMIT blockchain course will begin in the middle of March this year.


Education on Blockchain Is Needed Now More Than Ever

With Blockchain becoming so essential and its capabilities being realised with every passing moment, it has become very necessary to have experienced personnel with knowledge on the technology in order to help integrate it into businesses or at least make the various theories about Blockchain realistic.

blockchain knowledge requirementThis need for knowledge accounts for the university’s decision to start the course that will run for basically just 8 weeks. It isn’t the first university in the world to start a course in Blockchain by the way. The course is being run by the university’s blockchain hub, Accenture, in partnership with Stone and Chalk, and its manager Alan Tsen spike about the essence on the beginning of the course.

There is a real demand for Blockchain training and a skills gap in the market that needs to be addressed.”

Another expert also stated that Blockchain technology was a very complex industry and people need to learn about the various things that actually make up the clockwork Blockchain. The technology is expected to be valued at over $160 billion within the next seven years, and no one needs to tell you that education prepares a man better for the future than no other thing.

With the Blockchain arena looking very promising, several studies are being conducted by industry experts on it, with most of them looking at how it can cause problems to traditional business models and one of the leading firms in this studies is Power Ledger.

RMIT now joins other universities like University of California which also offer a course on the technology.


Let us know what you think about the starting of a blockchain course in the universities. Do you think other universities should also start running courses on the technology? Share your views and thoughts with us via Coinstaker.

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