Predictions that come true have a magical ring to them. If a successful way to predict the markets was found, it could change the game and the rules. Not only will these people become immensely rich in a short amount of time, everyone would want the secret to their success. Augur is an application, which aims to offer market predictions based on real-world developments. The platform was launched on the Ethereum blockchain back in July. Naturally, most people didn’t believe in the predictions. No sane investor would believe in a platform to win sporting bets, forecast elections, trade stocks and even to predict risk.

This all sounds like a fairy tale and if Augur was able to deliver it would have been a worldwide phenomenon. In August, Augur managed to attract around 300 users and today this number is less than 100. Even though no one has really complained about Augur’s predictive abilities, users are extremely dissatisfied with the user experience and how “user unfriendly” the platform is.

Augur has a lot of potential to realize

Augur’s developers have heard their users and are currently looking for ways to change that. The next upgrade will focus on many of the platform’s inner-workings. These inner-workings are meant to reduce the sluggish feeling, the overall user confusion and the added cost and risk. A result, which the developers would consider successful is as usual more cost efficiency. This implies that a lot of work must be done on the code.

Those changes will impact the user interface (UI) as well as the user experience (UX). Users have been asking for drastic cosmetic changes ever since the launch in July. The community’s wish list from Reddit shows that users are mostly dissatisfied by the user inferface.

One of the biggest issues is the inability to search open markets with more efficiency. Currently the platform allows search only by tags, but users need to be able to use keywords in the title. Users also want to have the ability to sort their searches by categories like volume, liquidity and alphabetically.

Some changes are already being implemented as users now search, view and sort Augur markets through Predictions Global. This third-party website is not affiliated with the Forecast Foundation, but it offers many of the features, which the Augur community hopes for. Predictions Global does not allow users to create markets or trade through the website itself. The website’s founder, Ryan Berckmans said that such a development is at leat half a year away.

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