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ATMs sell cryptocurrencies

Coinsquare has taken firm steps in order to make ATMs sell cryptocurrencies.

Yesterday’s announcement revealed that the Canadian exchange obtained a controlling investment position in Just Cash.

Just Cash have allegedly developed a software which could easily make all ATMs sell cryptocurrencies. Customers who wish to purchases cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, would be able to do so from any ATM without disrupting the ATM network.

There is also no need for drastic remodeling or ATM renewal. All that’s required to make the ATMs sell cryptocurrencies, is a small routine software upgrade.

After the software upgrade is complete, there would be no need for ATM operators to spend additional funds.

In the entire world, ATMs sell cryptocurrencies after just 1 simple software upgrade

The process is very fast and safe for all parties involved. Customers will be able to reliably purchase cryptocurrencies just like the same every day ATM payments.

Cole Diamond, the CEO of Coinsquare, says that Just Cash’s software is a perfect reflection of Coinsquare’s desire to help speed-up mainstream adoption.

There is no current mention of the number of ATMs that Coinsquare wants to initially target with the software upgrade. Due to the upgrade being so easy to apply, it seems that the starting number of ATMs will be small.

Diamond states:

“Bitcoin is new and unfamiliar to many, but ATMs are definitely not. By tapping into the existing global ATM network, cryptocurrencies are finally able to truly reach the masses.”

It was recently revealed that Kennedy Steward, the mayor of Vancouver, wants to completely ban all crypto ATMs. The usual accusation was money-laundering, but as usual, the fact that the majority of money-laundering is done via casinos, real estate and betting auctions was completely ignored.

That doesn’t mean there’s no foul play with crypto ATMs. On the contrary, it was recently revealed that a lot of bitcoin ATMs in Australia were used for money-laundering.

Those simple mistakes however, are not stopping technologically-innovative countries like the UAE from implementing Bitcoin ATMs.

It’s only a matter of time before ATMs sell cryptocurrencies. The change has already begun and no matter how much anti-crypto politicians screech, they’ll remain in the past.

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