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Thanks to Blockchain Now Anyone Can Participate in the Global Real Estate Market

Why Blockchain Matters and Why You Should Care

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Blockchain these days. Yet underneath all that hype is a technology that is actually changing the world far more than any technology has since the creation of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s.

In terms of magnitude, benefits and associated opportunities, “Blockchain 2017” looks a lot like “Web 1994”. It’s here, it’s real, but the global rollout of the world-changing technology is really just beginning.

Which means that people with long-term vision should be paying attention. Like a guy named Jeff Bezos did in 1994.

Jeff Bezos had a long-term view of what the Web would become, and so, he saw opportunities that many others missed. In 1994 he started a company called Amazon that many people said would never work.

“Selling books on the Internet? Like that would ever happen!”

But Bezos had confidence and vision, and plunged ahead with his plan to sell books on the Internet. This worked out okay. In 2016, Amazon brought in $136 billion, and employs over 340,000 people globally. And Amazon was just voted the world’s most innovative company. In short, Amazon is one of the most successful companies in history. And Jeff Bezos was briefly the world’s richest man last month.

It appears that Bezos’ ideas back in 1994 may not have been that crazy after all.

And it appears that Blockchain technology today may present opportunities of similar magnitude for investors and entrepreneurs with similar long-term vision.

ATALANT Real Estate Blockchain

Blockchain and Global Real Estate: the Revolution Has Begun

Blockchain has already revolutionized money via Bitcoin, and is in the process of revolutionizing finance.

In 2015, as reported by Business insider, leading financial firm Goldman Sachs wrote in a research report sent out to its clients:

“While the Bitcoin hype cycle has gone quiet, Silicon Valley and Wall Street are betting that the underlying technology behind it, the Blockchain, can change, well everything.”

Next up is the global real estate market, and that revolution has already begun.

The global real estate market comprises the world’s largest asset class, valued at roughly $217 Trillion, or approximately ten times the GDP of the United States of America, the world’s largest economy.

Regarding the influence and impact of real estate on the global economy, Yolande Barnes, head of Savills World Research said:

“Real estate is the pre-eminent asset class which will be most impacted by global monetary conditions and investment activity and which, in turn, has the power to most impact national and international economies.”

And so, any improvements in the global real estate market are significant.

But how does Blockchain benefit the global Real Estate market, specifically?

And how far out are real-world solutions?

The easiest way to illustrate Blockchain’s real-world benefits for the global real estate market in the near future is to take a look at a new platform, currently being built, that will empower anyone to take advantage of those benefits for themselves.

Introducing ATLANT – Real Estate Investment and P2P Lodging for the 21st Century

ATLANT, a startup is building a next generation real-estate platform based on Ethereum, the Blockchain platform for smart contract solutions.

To demonstrate its value proposition, ATLANT is initially focused on two of the biggest problems in the global real estate market. Then, at the platform grows, new real estate based Blockchain solutions can be brought on line seamless, using the ATLANT platform.

Problem #1: Investment Barriers to Entry

Real estate costs too much for many people to invest in it. If more people could invest, the market could grow even larger, and everyone with financial involvement could benefit.

ATLANT’s solution: Tokenized Investment and Ownership

ATLANT will offer listing of real estate tokens representing shares in individual real estate assets, and allow for their liquid trading, in a transparent and orderly market with price discovery, thanks to the security and transparency of blockchain technology. This will enable far more people to actually invest in the real estate market with far lower, and far more liquid, investment.

ATLANT will do this by subdividing individual parcels of real estate into tokens, and subsequently into PTO (Property Token Offerings), and list them on exchanges, starting with the ADEX exchange based on Ethereum smart contracts.

This approach will ease transfer of ownership, will simplify fractional investments, will alleviate tax inefficiencies, will simplify cross-border transactions, and will eliminate the substantial overhead that is faced in certain jurisdictions due to unnecessary middlemen.
Find out more info in our ATLANT ICO table

Problem #2: P2P Lodging Issues (Expense and Trust) 

Platforms like Airbnb are popular, but are expensive and plagued with trust issues. These issues range from hosts’ fears about potential damage, to guests’ fears about safety and security, to the widespread fake reviews which give a false impression of the given property

ATLANT’S solution: A smart-contract-based lodging platform.
ATLANT’s smart contract based platform will result in significantly reduced fees for both the host and guest, along with greatly minimized possibility of the fake reviews and forged ratings which plague existing centralized services such as Airbnb and Booking.

This approach will also inherently increase mutual trust between host and guest, via tamper-proof digital credentials and documentation for all pertinent details related to the given guest’s stay.

Regarding potential benefits for P2P lodging in general, a Goldman Sachs Blockchain study stated:

“By enabling a secure, tamper-proof system for managing digital credentials and reputation, we believe blockchain could help accelerate the adoption of P2P lodging and generate $3-$9 billion in incremental revenue opportunity through 2020.”


Blockchain is, indeed changing the world, including the global real estate market. And innovative new solutions such as the ATLANT platform are creating unprecedented new opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs, as well as new levels of value for consumers. For more details on ATLANT, including their current pre-ICO token sale, please visit ATLANT’s website.




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