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The Austral University in Argentina will be offering since July he 16th and during 5 weeks a free course called ‘La disrupción de la Blockchain’ (Blockchain Disruption). The main intention is spread the knowledge about this technology that powers virtual currencies.

Austral University Launches Blockchain-Related Course

There are more and more courses about Blockchain and technology present at more universities everywhere around the world. In this latest course, there will be questionaries, bibliography, explanatory videos and more.

According to Federico Ast, professor at the Faculty of Empresarial Sciences at the Austral University, explained that the creation of the course was a big challenge for the working group.

Federico Ast commented:

“It has been a big challenge the production of ‘the disruption of the blockchain.’ We had to produce from zero almost every single article, because there was nothing in Spanish. The team had to put a lot of effort translating and producing the content. The course was launched in February and had almost 4,000 participants.”

In general, people know what blockchain technology is after being used by cryptocurrencies. But indeed, there are many other companies and governments using these blockchain solutions.

“People is just starting to know these new cases after hearing about decentralized projects such as Origin (which is trying to build a decentralized sharing economy system), Ujo Music (a platform similar to Spotify but decentralized) and many others such as Kleros that aims to construct an arbitration system. Blockchain is the technology behind these use cases,” commented Ast.

During the first week, the program will be based in blockchain technology and how it has been expanded. The second part will have topics related to virtual currencies and its use in the financial ecosystem. The third cycle will be based in smart contracts, and the last two weeks will be related with blockchain application in different governments.

This is not the only Argentinian university offering a course on blockchain and virtual currencies. The Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires – also known as ITBA – is offering a specific course on Bitcoin and blockchain known as Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies.


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