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Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will be hosting the Blockchain Accelerator event between October 22 and November 7. The interesting thing about this event is the fact that it will be held in three different countries, which have been very involved in the crypto market.

Blockchain Accelerator Event Expands All Over Latin America

South America will be hosting the Blockchain Accelerator event that aims at expanding the knowledge about virtual currencies to people in the region. Talking with a local news site, Sasha Ivanova, coordinator of the project in Argentina talked about the different expectations in that the event is generating in Latin America.

Cryptocurrencies have been embraced in different countries in Latin America due to the volatile economic situation that these countries experience. For example, Venezuela is expected to have an inflation of 10,000,000 per cent according to the IMF.

The event has been backed by local NEM teams in Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. At the same time, different universities and institutions have provided support. Among these important companies and educational institutions, we find Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Synergy, CryptoAdviser, Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Universidad Siglo 21, Feedsoft, Blockchain Centre, and many others.

The event has been specifically designed to talk about basic and more advanced topics related to blockchain technology.

In Uruguay, the event will have a training program specifically designed to sectors related to the central government. In Colombia, the event will focus on developers and entertainment. In Argentina, there will be several conferences in which local experts will be talking and sharing their experiences. Furthermore, there will be programming and coding sessions for experienced users.

Sasha Ivanova, Blockchain Accelerator Coordinator for Argentina commented:

“The blockchain technology ecosystem is moving very fast and this year we have seen that it provided important changes. The first part of the year we were more focused on different theoric elements and because of that there were events related to sharing knowledge, but for example, the last Blockchain Summit Latam and other events included Hackathons to design solutions that bring this technology closer to people.”

The event will take place between 22 and 25 October in Uruguay; between October 22 and November 2 in Argentina; and between November 3 and 7 in Colombia. All the events and conferences are completely free for all interested participants. However, users will have to be previously inscribed to assist some conferences.

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