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Argentina, certainly an important player in the cryptocurrency market in Latin America, is now experiencing the growth of its blockchain ecosystem. This time, a group of experts in distributed ledger technology has decided to create ABA or America’s Blockchain Association.

ABA’s Foundation – Spreading the Knowledge About Blockchain

The main intention behind ABA is to spread information and knowledge about blockchain technology to companies, institutions, public agencies and individuals. At the same time, ABA aims to help companies find potential projects to invest in and promote.

German Giusmondi, an important executive at ABA, explained how the foundation started and which are its main goals.

“Now we are closing an agreement with the Government of Córdoba to open workshops in all the province about introduction to this technology, possible use cases and applications. The Minister of Science and Technology is also interested; they want to educate its employees about how to apply blockchain to administrative processes or traceability in some economic activities.”

The NGO is settled at the corporative campus known as ‘Business City.’ The foundation has a clear interest in creating good contacts with 35 different corporations that are located in the region.

According to its working agenda, the team will be giving two public workshops about the technology, and a private one which will be given to legislators. In this way, it will be possible to educate the political sphere about the benefits of embracing this technology.

All over the world, different institutions and agencies have already implemented different blockchain systems. We can mention the government of the Netherlands or Chile. For example, Chile launched an Ethereum based project for collecting energy data.

Some days ago we wrote that the Argentinian Central Bank (BCRA) wanted to learn about virtual currencies and blockchain technology. The BCRA asked for special books to have better information about how Blockchain technology works, how to embrace it for financial transactions and how it can affect the current financial system.

Some of the books were ‘Mastering Bitcoin,’ written by Andreas Antonopoulos, or ‘Blockchain Basics A Non-Technical Introduction un 25 steps,’ written by Daniel Drescher.

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