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Apple seems ready to make a grand entrance into the gaming industry. There is a new service in development resembling “Netflix for games”. Users will basically pay a monthly fee and receive a bundle of games.

Apparently, the company started discussing the project with many of the leading game developers back in 2018. A subscription service will be very beneficial to some developers but at the moment, all parties involved prefer to remain anonymous.

There is currently no reliable information on how much the subscription will cost. Additionally, many people are questioning what kind of games will Apple offer. Since the product is still in relatively early stages of development, Apple can easily choose to drop it or change it.

Allegedly, Apple has also discussed partnering with some developers as a publisher. This might signal the company’s ambition to assume marketing, distributing and other related costs for a few select games.

Apple is launching the “Netflix” for Gamers

Apple stakeholders can take the announcement as good news. Iphone sales dropped significantly last year, but that is only to be expected when the last few years were incredibly successful for Apple. Apple also announced that it would stop publishing unit sales numbers for iPhones, iPads and Macs starting 2019. This was felt quite strongly by stakeholders as when the announcement came the APPL shares started tumbling.

This is where the real game-changer comes into play. A bunbled-up list of games with a profitable business plan will without a doubt generate large revenue. Sure, it’s not something revolutionary, but this business model has been instrumental in the success of many companies.

Iphone users who play a large amount of video games will without a doubt make use of the new subscription. This however, still leaves a lot of money hanging. An iPhone user who doesn’t play games on his phone wouldn’t even think about subscribing even if a bargain was available.

If a person spends a very little amount of time playing, they wouldn’t be interested in the $0.99 premium games. They’ll stick with the free apps who are bombarded with ads. This all changes with the introduction of micropayments. Cryptocurrencies will inevitably have a large part to play when microtransactions start taking place.

If people are charged 1/100th of a cent for every second they play, that will simply not be able to be charged on a credit or a debit card. Cryptocurrencies however, make this idea a real and easily achievable possibility and this leaves a lot of room for growth in the booming digital economy.

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