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If there’s any one thing we know about the tech power house that introduced us to and continually feeds us with some of the best and sophisticated technological gadgets daily, it’s that they always put their customers first. As menial as this may sound, it actually isn’t. Not every company looks out for its customers; some just want to make money off them, some also give them the worst of services ever and some don’t even take their customers’ concerns into consideration at all. But that’s not Apple. Apple understands what it means to keep your customers happy and provide them with the best of services, (no wonder they made a thousand dollar phone and still had millions across the globe trooping in for it).

Apple once again proved this loyalty to their customers and consumers by getting rid of an app on their Mac App Store that took advantage of its users’ devices to mine cryptocurrencies. The app, Calendar 2, had actually incorporated a crypto mining feature into its system – even though it was an optional feature. However, its “optionality” is used to open certain in-app features that normally are unlocked by payment of cash.


The Safety and Security of Customers’ Devices is at Risk

apple devices taken advantage of

The app, that mined the Monero cryptocurrency, started raising doubts and questions about the security and safety of customers’ devices and whether Apple was actually consenting to the presence of such apps on its App store. The app was later pulled down the app the Mac App Store and people couldn’t tell whose action it was, Apple or Qbix.

The developers of the Calendar 2 app, Qbix, later told news houses that Apple had themselves removed the app from the store after Apple had alerted them that the app violated rule 2.4.2 of their App store regulations. Their CEO, Greg Margarshak, stated that the app had violated Apple’s regulation on Apps that put “unnecessary strain on device resourceswhich states that

Design your app to use power efficiently. Apps should not rapidly drain battery, generate excessive heat, or put unnecessary strain on device resources.”


Bugs Plague Was Calendar 2’s Major Flaw

The app was initially meant to only mine the cryptocurrency when the user had given permission to it in order to access certain in-app features. However, due to many bug issues that were another nightmare for the app, the app was noticed to be mining the Monero cryptocurrency even when the users had not allowed that option.

The developers promised to get rid of the feature in future updates after it had started raising some pretty serious concerns. But Apple didn’t have that time to spare so they got rid of the App.

Apple has been benevolent enough to bring the app back on the store on March 13 – after ensuring the feature had been removed of course. Qbix on the other hand is apologising to its app’s users by giving them free fully upgraded features for a whole year after they have updated to the latest version available (proudly sponsored by the money, $ 2,000, raised from crypto mining).

If there’s any one thing developers are getting from this, it’s that Apple isn’t allowing any apps that imbed or use cryptocurrency mining features on any of its App Stores, not now nor any moment in the near future.


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