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The luxurious Italian pen maker, Ancora, has decided to include a new pen design to its line. After offering Bitcoin pens, the Italian company is now offering Ethereum pens for those individuals that have a close relationship with this platform.

Ancora Offers Ethereum Pens

The company founded in 1919 is offering a new ‘crypto-pen’ that will feature Ethereum’s logo on its body. Ancora is one of the most known luxury pen providers around the world. In the past it has released its Bitcoin Pen series that included 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens. 

For those who prefer Ethereum over Bitcoin or want to own both pens, then, Ancora has prepared a new product.

Ancora’s website reads as follows:

“Ancora has already successfully produced and delivered limited edition Bitcoin Pens. Now, we are ready to launch a second – this time for limited edition Ethereum Pens. As was the case with the company’s Bitcoin Pens, Ancora will be offering a limited supply of 888 rollerball Ethereum Pens, and a mere 88 Ethereum pens of the fountain variety.”

If you decide to buy the pen now, you will be paying 50% less than the retail price. Currently the fountain pen costs $1250 dollars each and the rollerball $1000 each. The retail sales will start on July the first, 2018. The company believes that the price of the pen will increase over time due to the fact that it is a unique collectible object.

“Unlike Ethereum Coin, the maximum supply of Ethereum Pens will remain capped for all time,” says Ancora’s website. As mentioned before, this is an object that is very much appreciated by collectors and pen hobbyist.

Platinum, Gold, and Silver Numbers

For those who want to purchase a much more exclusive product, there is an option to increase the value of the pen. Each pen comes with a personal production number that verifies the authenticity of a pen.

If you want to purchase Platinum numbers like the first or the last of the series, then it will have an additional price of 15 ETH.

Gold numbers like 11/88, 33/88 or 444/888, have a price of 10 ETH extra. While the silver numbers 10/88, 20/88, or 700/888, have an additional price of 5 ETH.  At the same time, all the platinum, gold, and silver numbers come with a complimentary custom leather pen case.

In this way, more enterprises are starting to profit from a cryptocurrency market that has captured the attention of the general public. In the future, more enterprises will start to offer crypto-related products and services.

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Images Courtesy of The Merkle and Ancora


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