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Didn’t we say blockchain was the future? Now, after Dubai famously declared they are building a whole economy on the blockchain, Brazil is to use Ethereum in order to create an ultimately fair voting system, which you will know if you’re reading our site on a regular basis.

Ever since its inception, digital currency was the way to ultimate freedom, at least if you ask the experts, and we have been telling you for a while that the wild and wonderful future of humankind where everything is possible is just around the corner.

In fact, if you look hard enough you will see telltale signs it’s already here. But let’s take a look at what experts say.

Amir Taaki, who we have been talking about recently, admiring the ambition and the skillset (as well as the 5 female monk hackers idea, wink wink), has been a fan of the original Bitcoin values for a while. He stated that the reason Bitcoin was invented was so that the humankind could be made better:

“Technology embodies values. Satoshi had values.”

What Bitcoin really means

The idea here is pretty much what everyone wants in a world where the anonymous (almost) coin can be used for pretty much any purpose, which involves money laundering, funding terrorism, and God knows what else.

All the way through humankind’s history, as “Bladerunner” rightfully points out, civilizations have been built on free slave labor. The concept was always easy to get – in civilizations way back slaves on triremes were given just enough food so that they wouldn’t starve. The rest was work and sleep.

The world has changed since. People have been growing more sentient. The technology has evolved. Internet introduced tons of information from all sources all over the globe. As a result, people have become more powerful. Knowledge is power. The truth will set you free. And so the government has come up diligently with new ways of keeping people contained.

For the most part, providing mind-numbing entertainment and making enemies of other countries to distract countries from their internal problems worked– for a while. Still, with the rise of free thinkers and downshifters the question is asked more and more: is the government still in total control of the citizens?

You’ll see news coming up with blatant evidence that the government will not let go of its suppressing power easily. For example, we see Trump signing a deal prohibiting Petros because they are a way to avoid sanctions:

“All transactions related to, provision of financing for, and other dealings in, by a United States person or within the United States, any digital currency, digital coin, or digital token, that was issued by, for, or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela on or after January 9, 2018, are prohibited as of the effective date of this order.”

This could possibly be the beginning of the process of acquiring control which has been in motion for a long while before. Well, we certainly know what Amir Taaki is saying about this:

“So tell me, why should I embrace these white knights coming to legitimize Bitcoin with their surveillance and censorship palming it off with their gibberish newspeak? These people are real motherfuckers and what motivates them primarily is greed at your expense.

They don’t see Bitcoin as empowerment. They see Bitcoin as a convenience and are willing to compromise the empowerment aspect for more convenience. Bitcoin will grow, but the question is in which direction.”

Freedom is here

So what is actually happening here? Acquiring control is the sine qua non of geopolitics, and everyone, really is doing it, although some in a more civilized way than others.

So, while we are on the fence about brutal measures like sanctions and building walls between countries and people by prohibiting something that by definition cannot be controlled, we are very enthusiastic about the usage of blockchain for rewarding good behavior and not punishing bad deeds.

Brazil (and many other countries) have long been pointing out that signing voting documents is an obsolete way of voting, mostly because the bulletins are easy to fake.

Although the popular initiative does exist, there is no secure way to collect people’s signatures so people can propose bills themselves.” – says a law professor at the Universidade de Brasilia, Henrique Costa.

Blockchain with its immutable capabilities and records of everything ever allows incorrigible integrity, making sure every vote can be checked. Smart contracts are the future!

The fact that the technology is everywhere and it can be accessed through all sorts of devices makes things even easier. Now there is no getting up in the morning on a Monday to vote, elbowing your sleepy and irritated neighbors in an overcrowded hall where they don’t even offer a bar and pastrami.

And – the humankind is finally ready to come back to its original principles of integrity, healthy interdependence, and trusting each other. We hope we are to see the mobile voting app soon all over the globe (as well as other pleasures blockchain will create).

We are living in exciting times! Stay with us for the latest updates on the seductive, wild and wonderful world of the new age.

Image kindly provided by Cointelegraph.

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