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Amir Taaki is a Bitcoin developer with a past in Syria where he has recently spent a few months countering terrorists. The situation in Syria has famously been escalating for a period, attracting attention not only of the Western media but also of people trying to help.

He has spent some time in Northern Syria protecting the local inhabitants from harm and fighting against ISIS and also participating in social reconstruction afterward and trying to familiarize the locals with  the newer forms of today’s economy like Bitcoin. The plan is to build a new blockchain-based economy of the future. As you can see, while everyone else is talking about, Amir is doing it. And so is Russia.

Using blockchain to create a better system

Amir Taaki plans to spend more time making the world a better place and helping the world return to the basic values that Bitcoin used to uphold when it was originally intended, which were to challenge the regimes, gain transparency, and give people freedom.

The notorious developer points out people are now more interested in earning money with Bitcoin, which was not what it was used for to begin with. His idea is making the world a better place. A pure democracy is a key to a better world. He says in his interview to Quartz:

“The real question <The Unabomber>  is posing is, do we need to make a complete break from this technological super-system, or is there a way to reconfigure it?”

Amir Taaki is known for his, ahem, unusual beliefs about Bitcoin, which, coupled with his not inconsiderable skillset, make him a very interesting figure in the eyes of the Bitcoin community.

Downshifting all the way, and then some: Amir is all for the simple life, and he takes the concept even further by aiming for an ascetic (or that of a monk) lifestyle for himself and his followers. His penchant for hacking is also easy to understand: there are a plethora of people who aren’t happy with the brave new world government in a position of power now. So it comes as no surprise Amir Taaki’s interests lie in the area of shady internet projects. One of his projects you will highly likely know about called Dark Wallet is an attempt to create completely untraceable bitcoins.

The Plan

After Taaki came back from North Syria where he was fighting ISIS, he found the world of Bitcoin has changed significantly. There were a lot more businesspersons now making huge deals of money out of crypto-economy. With everything so commercialized, Barcelona-based Taaki started working on a project called Autonomous Polytechnic Group with branches around the world. The aim is to train “ideological hackers” who would help him overthrow the global regime.

“If we want technology to be actually helping humanity and society and not being just another commodity that makes our lives more comfortable, and easier and actually entraps us into a system of rigid control—if we want to actually break free of that, if we want a technology which uplifts us, which shapes the world, then we need to start thinking about what the ideas about bitcoin are. “

–    He says in his interview with Quartz.

Calling Bitcoin “the unstoppable honey badger”, he predicts a future where the existing state of the world would be replaced with a state that is based on some of the concepts from crypto-anarchy.

“Now what we should do is to do a proper dialectics with crypto-anarchy, free software movement, hacker movement, we should deconstruct these movements to find out what the elements of them that are good, because they have some very interesting ideas, even the anarcho-capitalism, crypto-anarchism, all of it, and take those ideas and marry it with this new ideology which has a very big movement behind it, and I believe will play an even bigger role in the future in transforming many different nations throughout the world. “

With plans of creating an infrastructure that would be built on blockchain to create a new type of society, Taaki is planning to use his students as followers who will learn from his extraordinary technological skill set.

We are certainly fond of the idea of using integrity, a decentralized ledger, and some new ideas to build a better world. In fact, we have mentioned it more than once ourselves.

Taaki is intent on using five young female (for the purpose of gender equality, of course) hackers to change the world for the better.

“I’m going to get my group of students, I’m going to train them, we’re going to deliver results, people will see the impact of our work. History is always changed by a small group of people that is completely devoted to an idea, not by a large mass following no idea.”

The students of his, give of them, female and young, will live together and start a movement that will help introduce real democracy to the world using open source software. We are all for bright-eyed new things and sure we will hear more about the monk hackers and a beautiful new world soon.


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