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The famous developer wants to establish an academy related to the latest technologies and also about blockchain technology. Mr. Taaki, who created Dark Wallet, Darkleaks and OpenBazaar was talking at a symposium in Barcelona.

Amir Taaki Wants to Build an Academy

At the beginning, Mr. Taaki wanted to build the academy in Greece but he decided to change the location due to the fact that Barcelona is a very important city in Europe and the correct one for these kinds of projects. Indeed, Barcelona has a very active crypto community and different companies working in the field.

During the time he was talking at the symposium he mentioned that technology will have a very deep impact in the social structure. He has also talked about the UNIX philosophy, a cryptographic system that allows for minimal software and modular structures. At the same time, he provided information about the different products that the academy will build.

About the plans he said:

“Every revolutionary movement needs to have a technological arm, and we are the technological arm of the Democratic Confederalist Movement. This is our objective as an organization, which is using technology for autonomous democracy and the collapse of the system of nation states around the world.”

In order for that to happen, Taaki expects participants to train very hard and offer the best they are able. This is not an easy task, and he knows that. This is why newcomers need to follow a three-month introduction period, one that repeats every six months to one year.

“It’s a vehicle for developing them as leaders, to develop their skills technically, socially and being able to effectively organize other human beings and coordinate together tightly,” he explained.

It is important to mention that Taaki lives a very rigid lifestyle, he lifts weights, measures his meals, avoids weed and alcohol. He explained that it is not possible to ‘party and have a revolution at the same time.’

Why does he say that? Because there is a danger related to bitcoin and its community. He thinks that Bitcoin is a transformative tool and that the community may be participating from conferences, talking about the potential it has, but without being able to show the real benefits it provides to society.

Mr. Taaki said:

“The technology needs to be targeted for socio-political change, not just to find like the perfect mechanism to make people comfortable, for convenience to make people happy.”

Spain is going to be the place that will host his academy and that will be making Barcelona another cryptocurrency and blockchain hub around the world.

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