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A recent research showcased that 83% of American financial specialists would consider a new investment in Bitcoin, as digital currencies pick up footing among mainstream investors.

As indicated by the 2019 Investor Study distributed by Grayscale Investments earlier this month, the socioeconomics, demeanors and convictions of crypto investors are almost the same as those of the “traditional” financial investor.

While American financial specialists are definitely more experienced and risk-taking than the traditional investor, their political leanings, salaries and work spheres mimic the profiles of a broader pool of surveyed investors.

American financial specialists of all ages invest into crypto

In addition, the view that millenials are investing into crypto more promptly than past generations is slightly exaggerated. Grayscale reveals that the normal Bitcoin investor is 42 — versus 45 for traditional investors.

While 36% of speculators would consider an investment in crypto, the majority 83% of the 1,100 surveyed investors disclosed their strong motivations to invest in crypto.

Moreover, 79% of respondents said they were bullish on Bitcoin’s development potential.

Given that bitcoin is considered as digital gold, Grayscale additionally examined the overlap between the two resources.

Surprisingly, crypto investors’ hunger for for physical gold was especially higher than for the traditional investor.

For instance, 69% of BTC investors consider gold to be a wise venture (versus 55% of all investors), with 65% saying they “certainly” or “presumably” would put resources into gold (versus 51% of the general pool).

The report additionally analyzes investors’ reluctance to invest into crypto.

 75% of all investors and 68% of bitcoin-interested ones, stated that crypto-related crimes were their biggest worry.

Additionally, it seems that 53% of the crypto-interested investors have expressed their worries about the digital asset’s questionable level of regulation.

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