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bitcoin cash coming to casinoAfter having endured very difficult start to the year, this might be maybe the first good news we are hearing about bitcoin cash. That also depends on what your interests are – so let’s say this will be good news for people who love gambling. Bitcoincasino.us is beginning to receive bitcoin cash on its platform as a deposit form. Not surprising, is it? I mean a website with the name bitcoin casino should be able to receive anything bitcoin. It’s being taking bitcoin payments all this while, thus adding bitcoin cash could be said to be a step towards making cryptocurrency gambling more widespread.

Back in April of last year, we had our first major fork of a cryptocurrency, and that was when bitcoin cash was introduced to the world. However not many people have bought into the idea though. Bitcoin cash has struggled to gain grounds as a people’s favourite thus its growth has been stymied. Basic business knowledge will let you know that if a good or item finds difficulty in becoming the people’s preference, it dies away easily. But hey, bitcoin cash is too good to let die so why not make it a trading option like bitcoin itself.


Why Take So Long To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Most casinos have all been accepting bitcoin for a quite a while. So why then have they refused or say being hesitant to accept its counterpart too. The answer is quite simple, probably what you are even thinking, that people might confuse it for bitcoin.

bitcoin cash deposits coming to casinoAs simple as it may sound and not even look like a reason, truth is it actually is a big deal. Imagine betting with a single bitcoin ($10,000) against someone who bets a single bitcoin cash ($2,000) only to win thinking that you are getting another bitcoin only to get a bitcoin cash – all because you both got your currencies wrong. This could end up pretty nasty especially in a casino. I would just leave you to think out the possible outcomes of such a scenario; at least we all know it won’t be good.

In recent times most of the casino users have being agitating for their casinos to introduce bitcoin cash (BCH) and their pleas have been heard. We could rant on and on about all the benefits and advantages of bitcoin cash over the traditional bitcoin but that would be for another day.

Bitcoincasion.us has taken the step of adding bitcoin cash to its payment options. This is meant to give them an upper hand over their fellow competitors. With most people not having casinos around them and yet the urge for gambling continually growing amongst Americans, they might as well settle with bitcoincasino.us as they offer almost anything you could think of in a casino – accepting cryptocurrencies too… you definitely have it nailed there.

What do you think of this casino beginning to accept bitcoin cash. Would it in anyway affect the coin’s price or promote it’s popularity? Let us know what you think via Telegram

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