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Alibabacoin Foundation
The Alibabacoin Foundation is celebrating the historic release of their long-anticipated Multi-crypto Wallet with a massive airdrop event. The innovative team of blockchain specialists at Alibabacoin Foundation seek to maintain the success they have enjoyed in 2018 with the release of this software on the App Store and Google Play. The Multi-crypto Wallet is the first wallet ever to seamlessly store and exchange 10 different coins simultaneously, all while maintaining tight security with the company’s unique facial recognition blockchain system.

About the Start-up

At the beginning of 2017, Alibabacoin Foundation came onto the radar, making big statements about the future and over the times and after many trials and errors, finally, in the end of 2017, Alibabacoin foundations is set.
In the beginning our company’s goal was to be the world’s leading software platform for digital assets” and they have certainly been making strides towards their goal with two major technologies sitting at the forefront of their platform, facial recognition, and a versatile payment system.

ICO Success

Alibabacoin Foundation experienced a large turnout for their ICO event. With the overwhelming success it garnered, the Alibabacoin Foundation has expanded their operations. With the funds supplied by the many satisfied investors who supported their plan, Alibabacoin Foundation is refining their facial recognition system, hiring new developers, and all-around expanding their systems. The company now plans to distribute the platform in 81 countries across the world. The success of the ICO is directly attributable to the timely release of the Multi-crypto Wallet announcement and airdrop event.

Multi-crypto Wallet and Airdrop Event

To celebrate the announcement of the Multi-crypto Wallet and build its momentum, a total of 50,000,000 ABBC will be distributed to 500,000 users who participate in the program. Anyone can reap the rewards of this giveaway by following some simple instructions. The first step is to go onto the App Store or Google Play and download the new Multi-crypto HO Wallet app for free. After registering and following some simple instructions, you will be instantly gifted 100 ABBC. From there, you will be given a referral link to earn more free coins, if you so choose. By participating in the company’s social media campaign, and inviting friends, additional ABBC can be earned. The company will offer 20 extra ABBC coins for successful referral during June 21 to July 20.
After the event’s completion on July 20, 2018, the Multi-crypto Wallet will be fully integrated into the Alibabacoin Foundation blockchain platform. This app will allow for the secure storage and transfer of 10 crypto-currencies simultaneously. The wallet works with ABBC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Z-Cash, Qtum, Bitcoin-Cash, Verge, and Tether. All of these currencies can be exchanged and transferred seamlessly within the app, without the need for a password, and with an unparalleled level of security from the advanced facial recognition technology.

Final Thoughts

The Alibabacoin Foundation continues to amaze. The success of their ICO shows how involved and invested its supporters are, and the announcement of the Multi-crypto Wallet proves that they can follow up on their promises.
The integration of their own crypto-currency, ABBC, into the wallet application seriously increases the value and usability as it can easily be exchanged with other major coins. ABBC investors are extremely happy with the release of this new platform which expands their investment greatly. The facial recognition paired with their unique payment system makes the Alibabacoin Foundation platform more secure and functional than any competitors today.
For more information please visit our event website www.abbcevents.com


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