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Building a business requires people with different skills and qualifications. Sometimes small businesses or startups need people with special skill sets, but only for a task or a project. Sooner or later, most organizations are stopping at a cross road – hire more people or hire freelancers. If a specialist is needed only for one distinct project, than hiring a freelancer is better. Bringing together a team for a project and then dismissing them is more expensive and consumes more time. And thus freelancing was born to fix all of these problems. Businesses save more time and money, and freelancers get to earn money and participate in projects from all over the world from the comfort of their homes.

There is a whole world out there

Nowadays freelancing specialists with various skills and qualifications are somewhat easy to find. You can find a whole world of forums, platforms or businesses with a wide variety of people, looking for a freelance job. Popular web applications are UpWork, Toptal which is more specialized and Fiver. The list of resources that are allowing you to find freelancers can go on and on. However, if you have some experience with freelance platforms, you probably know that finding a freelancer doesn’t fix your problems.

Problems can arise because you don’t know how competent the freelancer is or can you trust him with the job or the project. Other disadvantages include:

  • Excess centralization. Centralized platforms do not allow a trust rating or job fulfillment history. Usually, this history is only available to clients that ordered set tasks. This leaves businesses guessing if certain freelancers are competent to do the job, or if they will fully do their job.
  • Most platforms offer centralized payment systems. Due to this, sometimes contractors won’t be paid for their work.
  • Additional payment. Many platforms offer different functions for additional payments. But these additional payments do not correlate with the skills of the freelancers.\
  • Centralized systems without centralized user protection. Centralized platforms provide some options for checking work progress. These include Work Diaries or planning schemes. A Work Diary traces the work progress by making screenshots or counting keystrokes. Planning schemes define parts of the project to be paid separately. However, there is no centralized scheme to provide absolute protection against malicious activities on both sides. Almost all schemes have certain flaws, which allow contracts to be violated even if the conditions were met.

The ALEHUB project

Decentralized systems can be the solutions to all these problems. Most of the advantages of centralized platforms can be implemented in decentralized environments. Advantages like customizing contract management and freelance recommendations. Decentralization is a common topic in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

If you are interested in the industry, then you probably know that optimized decentralized systems will be the future. Blockchain technology is the core of the industry, but it can be a core to many more industries. Many industries, corporation and projects will benefit from the advantages of the distributed ledgers to decentralize and automate business processes. The transformation has already started and the freelance industry will evolve too.

The ALEHUB project is a specialized solution that aims to decentralize and democratize the freelance industry by utilizing blockchain technology. Blockchain provides increased sustainability of the system and independence from central servers. ALEHUB is compatible with legislation of different states and every project’s fulfillment is made in the jurisdiction of a certain state, which is predefined when the contact is made.

The modified payment system of ALEHUB is inspired by Ripple’s philosophy, allows paying for projects in internal tokens or in arbitrary currency for which a liquidity provider is present. This allows flexibility to the businesses, but also ensures that freelancers will get their money. Another big advantage of the ALEHUB system is the confidential blockchain shared by the parties of the contract. This allows access to project data like documents, additional treaties, chats, files, source codes and more. They are allowed only for those parties that actually need the information to fulfill contract terms which increases data security drastically.

ALEHUB offers many benefits

Due to the implemented confidential blockchain, the information is not accessible by unauthorized parties and the platform and its nodes do not store the source code or other valuable information of the projects that are saving their resources on the platform. ALEHUB also allows embedding version control systems, subsystems for issue-tracking or documentations and more. All of this means that, ALEHUB’s decentralized platform is more secure than existing centralized platforms.

ALEHUB utilizes blockchain technology to protect against denial of obligation. Unlike Ethereum smart contracts, ALEHUB smart contracts are modifiable. This means that if predefined conditions are met, the client is able to change some conditions or to cancel the contract. This feature is implemented by special transactions. The majority of projects are fulfilled honestly by both parties, but conflicts are inevitable. With ALEHUB, resolution and consensus of these problems is performed by an internal dispute system. The system allows for a decentralized and democratized resolution without the participation of the judiciary.

The internal dispute system is multilevel and disputes can be resolved by different number of participants. In case the trial is unavoidable, it is carried out in accordance with legislation of the predefined state by the contract’s terms. Another big advantage of ALEHUB is the perspective system of funding startups. The users can act as a customer with ideas. Because of the token economy, it is possible to both finance and implement the project using just one platform. Clients will be able to make initial attempts to implement the idea with somewhat small expenses and potentially, external financing. Initial financing is performed within the ecosystem so it is not necessary to actually create an organization.

An ambitious project with a lot of potential

All the reasons above reveal the true potential of ALEHUB. ALEHUB is not only a decentralized ecosystem for freelance opportunities, but also an innovative accelerator for startups and small projects. The absence of similar tools only prevents great ideas from being realized, only because of lack of capital. ALEHUB aims to change that and to enable creators and businesses. Also ALEHUB maintains the concept of security tokens, which means that they are an analogue of stocks, but applied to the platform.

Token holders get a share of rewards from all fulfilled contracts. Secondly, token holders are able to influence the development of the system. Being a decentralized platform, ALEHUB implemented a voting mechanism for proposed principles and ideas of future system development. This prevents the community from disintegration and makes the whole system more democratic, decentralized and transparent.

ALEHUB is an ambitious project that can bring a lot of value to the world. The platform offers features that are impossible to be implemented in centralized platforms. Additionally, they combine the advantages of distributed ledger and blockchain technology, and advantages of centralized freelance platforms to create a decentralized democratic ecosystem that is full of opportunity.

A new era of project management is coming with ALEHUB. For more information about the project, their Initial Coin Offering and the platform, visit their site: https://alehub.io/


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