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An autonomous Spanish community is going for a unique approach. Aragon is one of the 17 autonomous Spanish communities and they just signed with Alastria. The blockhain ecosystem has, including companies and institutions, more than 270 entities. Their agreement aims to create tools, which are in accord with the Spanish and European Union legal frameworks

Aragon will aim to improve many aspects of the administration progress. The end goal is to attract more investments. The biggest issues, on which the blockchain will focus are transparency and administrative efficiency. Both of these aspects are severely lacking in productivity and are very time consuming.

Europa Press reported that Spanish federal officials shared their desire to apply blockchain technology. This move follows the National Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food’s already applied blockchain innovations.

These innovations prove once again that Spain is very open towards mass crypto and blockchain adoption. It’s a becoming a trend by the country’s most influential bankers, politicians and even civil servants to embrace the countless possibilities, which DLT provides.

Many people can wonder what the Alastria constellation can provide to an autonomous community. The answer is simple: mass adoption of blockchain technology and futurization of civil services. The transparency, security and overall efficiency brought on by on DLT is a huge step towards attracting long-term investors. Something which every autonomous community strives for.

If Alastria launches a successful campaign, many others will follow

Employees are also already trained with the technology and are familiar with its endless potential. This contract is simply the beginning of many services, which are yet to be scheduled by the community’s government. They are projected to take place until the end of the year and will offer consultancy sessions. These sessions will try to identify even more ways that blockchain technology can help the community.

These moves have attracted the attention of neighbouring communities. Catalonia’s government has tasked the Catalonia Department of Digital Policies to develop a plan for blockchain tech in most public administration activities by the end of the year. The recently elected Catalonian government has to seek public approval and they have placed this project on their “high priority list.”

While officially, there is a lot of praise for blockchain technology, as it’s common with politics, promises remain only words. This doesn’t suit some autonomous communities. They have decided to take action into their own hands and already started the mass adoption process. Waiting for the final legislation is not something innovative governments in desperate need for investors can afford.

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