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AimBTC.com Review

AimBTC is a Bitcoin Investment Program with the motto Aim Sublime, Earn Supreme. The AimBTC website has opened the Bitcoin Investment Platform on the 29th of July 2016. They are on our radars since mid-August 2016. Since then we have not had any problems with their services.

They have been incorporated since the 26th of August 2016. They are a private limited company – which we all know does not mean they are 100% secure, since everyone can make one in less than a week. More info on their company state and owner can be found here.

Security Update on the AimBTC Platform

Since Sep-1-2016 Aim BTC offer a Two-Factor Authentication.This is something to showcase that they invest some time and money to keep their website more secure, which we think is good and will make them stay for at least some months in the Bitcoin HYIP Scene.

Paying Status: NOT PAYING
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Daily Income:
3.84 %

Min. deposit:
0.001 BTC

Payouts: HOURLY
Withdrawal: MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Added: 19.08.2016Monitored: 2857 daysLast Payment Receipt: 27.11.2016

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AimBTC | Bitcoin HYIPs

AimBTC offers investment service.

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