AIAR is democratizing education for the 2.5 billion people in need worldwide. By using new technology to innovate totally new processes, instead of repairing old ones, AIAR is providing the world’s first mobile ecosystem for lifelong learning with 360° content scope. A much-needed solution to the three key challenges the industry is faced with.

ICO Status: Running

1) Motivation: even with thousands of courses to choose from, none of them takes into consideration our individual preferences in learning.
2) Trust: widespread fraud in online certifications doesn’t make them credible enough, rendering a completion rate as low as 7%.
3) Cost: traditional education isn’t accessible to all, and the increasing demand for lifelong learning makes even online courses a burden.

AIAR® Digital Ecosystem of Learning solves all these issues. Say hello to AI-support for personalization, secure blockchain certificates for credibility, and utility tokens for lifelong learning.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Private Sale Venture Round

ICO token Distribution:

40% Tech Development, 25% Marketing, 20% Operations, 15% Business Development


244.000.000 tokens created, no more no less.
65% Token Sale
20% Team & Owners
10% Reserve
5% Bounty & Advisors

EdTokens will be used to buy certificates in our microlearning app, and Eds will be offered as rewards for the users of our platform. Eds have a 100:1 ratio against EdTokens, while progressing through courses Eds allow you to learn and earn at the same time.

Eds are partly given for obvious corporate benefit such as reviews and sharing, but also on what constitutes the greatest challenge for AIAR® and the industry – completion rate. By the simple introduction of a learning currency that is earn-able, AIAR® introduces an element of positive feedback – you are incentivized through “bribing” to complete your courses.

Our main competitors are traditional e-learning providers such as Udemy and Coursera that use new technology to repair old processes instead of innovating new ones.

Research shows that the online learning market is far away from reaching its potential due to three things. 1. Today’s digital learning solutions are not motivating enough, 2. The credibility compared to offline education is extremely low, and 3. It’s not economically viable.

AIAR has the game-changing technologies to solve the problems and revolutionize the online learning industry: AI Learning for Personalization, Blockchain for Secure Certificates and Cryptocurrency for Budgeting and Gamification.
Initial Coin Offering

AIAR Initial Coin Offering
ICO Launch:
10th of July 2018

ICO Finish:
5th of December 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

AIAR Offices and Locations

Team behind AIAR


Rufus Lidman AIAR


Rufus Lidman

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lidman, serial entrepreneur with PhD studies, 300 lectures and 5 books, has worked with some of the renowned brands in New York, Singapore, Seoul and all Europe. He is the founder of IAB and Digital Advisor for WFA, has had more than half a dozen digital ventures and serves as a board member at listed companies.


Mats Sköld AIAR


Mats Sköld

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Sköld has a rich background within corporate finance – working for HSBC, Deloitte and Generali. Before coming to AIAR®, he was an entrepreneur for a number of tech startups, latest as CFO and co-founder for Acast, the world’s biggest podcast platform.


Thérèse Lundquist AIAR


Thérèse Lundquist

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Lundquist brings in her vast entrepreneurial background within retail and FMCG, as well as long-time marketing management experience at Benetton, Louis Vuitton, etc. She has also performed key board work at humanitarian foundations like Sightsavers and ActionAid.


Johan Granath AIAR


Johan Granath

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Granath boasts over 10 years tech lead experience, launching the first MFT-exchange in Europe, the world’s first real time clearing stock exchange in Sao Paulo, and Asia’s most business optimized commodity exchange in Hong Kong. He worked previously as Senior Manager at Spotify HQ.


Shahjahan Yousuff AIAR


Shahjahan Yousuff

Head of ICO

Yousuff is an Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blockchain Enthusiast and Co-founder of ICOcrafter. With vast experience in online marketing and webrelated projects he today runs 3 online agencies.


Victor Wallander AIAR


Victor Wallander

CTO of the ICO

Wallander is heading the development team, with many years experience as a Fullstack developer. He is also the Co-Founder of ICOcrafter and We Got Edge.


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