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The discussions about AI influence on blockchain tech have always been a touchy subject. Governance is becoming more prevalent and the effects of Nakamoto’s vision of “one-vote-one-CPU” are becoming clear.

The entire industry believes that governance is centered around machines, not human beings. Elon Musk and Sam Altman very often speak out about the dangers about AI influence and how we might really have a “Skynet” situation on our hands if we’re not careful. Many experts who also view AI influence as a threat, wonder why all the political power of distributed networks is given to AI.

The earliest blockchain designs were focusing heavily on anonymity. Guaranteeing privacy was essential in standing up against financial and political corruption. AIs were never considered that much of a threat at the beginning though, but looking at the political landscape today, things are different. Social algorithms are functioning and even thriving on memes.

AI influence is bigger than we can possibly imagine

The modern internet is driven, even governed by people’s likes and dislikes, tweets and retweets, which can be considered tokens we do not own. These tokens however, are used to conduct surveys for the social networks. These social networks have managed to condition society to live only 24/7.

This opens up the really tough issues. How can human beings be formalized online in a way that is by no means influenced by the endless propaganda spewed by social networks?

One such way is a decentralized protocol for singular human IDs. Such a network cannot be restricted by attention-grabbing algorithms like the ones used on all social networks. A one-humam-one-node graph must be constructed in order to enable to network’s potential. Formalizing people in a safe, decentralized network will require harsh actions against bots, bribes, Sybil attacks and other Orwellian nightmares that might emerge.

AIs are used everywhere and we help in training them without even noticing. Everyone has probably seen the images on the so called captcha, required to post on most forums. When we identify traffic lights, magazine fronts or different types of vehicles, corporations sell that information to AI developers to use for driverless cars and other AI-based technology developments.

It’s of great importance that we identify the threats early, because with the way mega corporations like Google and Amazon are expanding, AI influence might become a problem people can’t ignore in the next 10-20 years. Maybe blockchain technology can offer a way out before things become irreversible, but it’s to developers and unfortunately governments to help reduce AI influence and prevent an Internet, solely controlled and abused by corporations.

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