AI Crypto is now developing an AI ecosystem based on blockchain. The AI Crypto team is trying to apply blockchain to the AI research field to solve persistent issues regarding AI development, such as meaningless use of GPU resources and only big corporations having access to machine learning data.

Most of the blockchain technology used in cryptocurrency mining wastes large amount of electricity, running useless calculations on Graphics Processing Units (GPU). In order to prevent meaningless calculations, the AI team developed a “Distributed GPU Network” which distributes requests equally to the GPU pools. The misusage of GPU resources can be prevented, by inhibiting individual machine learning researcher’s ability to assign GPU calculations. The company is also developing Proof of Value (PoV) mechanism in order to verify transactions better through AI machine learning calculations.

Conducting machine learning research demands a lot of data, but large amount of data is difficult to acquire for small corporations. Until now, only large corporations such as Google and Apple could acquire large data sets to run complex machine learning trials. The main goal of AI Crypto is to solve this problem by rewarding data providers with AI Crypto Tokens. A data provider will receive tokens whenever his/her data is used. This incentivized structure will help create and distribute more machine learning data.

Since an AI must go through tremendous amount of data in order to identify pictures or recognize voices, it is extremely hard to develop an AI model. AI Crypto platform enables developers to obtain data and build models in a much easier way. Developers can develop models without less effort and smaller companies can easily gain access to AI models. AI Crypto helps to reduce the cost of developing models in general.

SJ Lee, the CEO of AI Crypto, who graduated Hongik University and worked as a SK Communications Innocean Digital Marketing Director, has strong faith in the potential of AI and blockchain. “AI Crypto aims to revolutionize both the blockchain and AI space. I envision a future where all AI calculations are run in the AI Crypto platform”, he stated.

The AI team is comprised of machine learning engineers and blockchain developers with over 10 years of experience. The team is preparing for an ICO in May 2018, a beta API in December 2018, and a full launch in June 2019. Learn more at (



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