ATF Cannabis and growing food

The two industries expected to grow the most in the upcoming years are cannabis and organic food.  The AgroTechFarm ICO gives you the opportunity to profit from both with a single contribution.

Industry Overview


Cannabis was first legalized in the US in 2014. Since then legal marijuana sales have increased from around 6 billion in 2016 to almost 8 billion in the following year. What is more, the industry is expected to grow a stable 16% each year until 2025 and reach a market cap of 24 billion.

The monthly revenue of dispensaries has increased from $10 million to more than $70 million. Yet, high growth means big industry players will enter the market. The 70% fall in the price since 2014 from $45 to $12.77 signifies that perhaps they have already joined in (1).

Large scale growth of cannabis suggest that the same methods will be used as in industrial agriculture. Think chemical fertilizers and pesticides (2).

This will pose a huge issue for medical cannabis users. Most patients, especially kids, take cannabis in the form of oil. If chemical fertilizers have been used on the crops, the oil will also contain them causing unwanted side effects (3).

Nevertheless, from an economic standpoint, falling prices and increasing revenues mean one thing for sure – high demand.

Cannabis is definitely going to come out big in 2018.

Organic Food

The global organic food industry is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2025. Fruits and vegetables are the fastest growing segment with an estimated 13% (4). The US is the biggest consumer and accounts in 2015 accounted for 47% of all the sales (5).

Yet, the US has one big issue. There is no enough land suitable for organic farming (6).

Perhaps the lack of organic farmland is the reason for the big premium on organic goods. Unfortunately, with demand set to rise in the upcoming years prices will increase even more.

AgroTechFarm ICO: Be part of the change

AgroTechFarm’s growers are a cheaper and more sustainable way to grow organic plants and cannabis.

Their product is a hydroponic system fitted into a sleek kitchen appliance, similar to a growbox. It is equipped with a software that controls all the processes like gestation, light hours, irrigation and nutrient supply. So, the appliance is fully automated and requires no involvement on the side of the user.

Check this piece if you wish to learn more.

The appliance is sustainable because it uses zero chemicals and apart from electricity, it has zero environmental impact. The bacteria and pests that attack plants live in soil. No soil means no pests, so no need to use pesticides.

Since all processes are automated and optimized, the appliance reduces growing time by around 30% (that is average for all crops the team tested). With the ATF grower only in 60 to 100 days after planting the seed you get to try the first strawberry. For reference if you plant a strawberry seed in your garden you will get the first batch in around a year (7).  

The yield is also impressive. A single strawberry bush can consistently give up to 500 grams of fruit. Compared to 150 – 400 grams from outdoor bushes (8).

In just for the profits?

AgroTechFarm have you covered. The team will do a 35% buyback each year to ensure that contributors are getting a chip of the company’s success.

Unsure how buybacks boost your return? This piece discusses the subject in detail.

Another benefit is that in case of an upcoming IPO contributors can exchange their tokens for shares.

Wrapping it all up..

There are ton of cannabis tokens. Yet, first rule of investing is: Never put all your eggs in one basket. ATF benefits from the growth of two separate industries it is less riskier than a purely cannabis token.

What is more their product can completely change the way we grow vegetables,fruits and cannabis giving full control to the user.

And, we thought agriculture can’t be decentralized.


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