AgroTechFarm is a company that specializes in automated indoor grower appliances. Their growers are ideal for anyone keen on having fresh organic fruits and vegetables straight from their own kitchen!


The man with the idea was Ilya Tsigvitsev.

He suffered from health issues caused by the poisonous chemicals used constantly by farmers on their crops for looks and size. Even at the local farmers market, he struggled to find clean produce. He knew also that farmers were not evil.

Picture the Russian winter. Now, imagine trying to make anything grow. Conditions are unbearable for any vegetables out there.

This is how he came up with the idea of indoor farming.

Hydroponics is superior than soil growing. This is well known. Plagues and bacteria that attack plants can’t be found in the water, so this way is safer. Combining hydroponics with computing technology, and armed with a heap of research, Ilya created his concept.

This is how the ATF homegrower started its journey.

ATF Grower model Cannabis

Cannabis, and especially CBD oil are lifesavers for many people. But users are stuck in a problem.

Most growers undergo certification, but if they’re not organic certified, you can never be sure whether the crop is 100% clean.

Medicinal cannabis users may often prefer to ingest it, kids especially. And when using it for health purposes, the dosing is usually much higher than it is for recreational uses.

A higher, ingested dose of a product that has been sprayed with toxic substances is NOT what medicinal users need. If you’re ingesting the oil, a concentrated extract, purity becomes essential.

So, with cannabis, just like veggies, organic is better

The ATF Homegrower is completely autonomous once the seeds are planted. Any adjustments can be made through the app. Light hours, irrigation, nutrients and other processes are all controlled by the software.

All you have to do yourself is planting the seeds and harvesting the goods.

Do let the name trick you though. The model Cannabis is just as suitable to grow any other tall crop like peppers and tomatoes.

The company also have a ATF grower called Strawberry that can grow up to three different smaller crops like strawberries, herbs and a dozen other veggies for your salad.

Check out the devices in this video!

Why an ICO?

AgroTechFarm already is an already registered enterprise and has an industrial facility in Canada.

So why do they need to raise money?

If ATF starts operating now, they will be able to meet only part of the demand. However, this industry is quite attractive and is quickly getting crowded. The team know their model is superior, but if demand is not met, people will inevitably switch providers.

The aim of the ICO is to provide a significant capital injection to fund mass production in record time, so that ATF can serve all of its clients from the get-go.

During the ICO at most 1 060 000 ATF token will be distributed. Presale Hard-Cap is 500 ETH and the total cap is 10 000 ETH. The smart contract is mintable and there’s no limit on the amount of tokens a single user can purchase.

With this funding, they’ll be able to not just enter the market. They’ll conquer it.

Their incentives are quite good

The Presale starts on February 16th, 2018 at 00:01 UTC, with a 50% bonus. It will last until February 23th, 2018 23:59 UTC. The main stage of ICO begins on the next day at 00:01 UTC and will be live until March 24th, 2018 at 23:59 UTC.

You not only get a bonus. One of the cool benefits ATF offers is the option to exchange tokens for shares. In case the company goes for a public offering, 30% of the issued shares will be made exclusive for token holders, and they’ll be able to just convert them.

Each year, ATF will repurchase tokens for 35% of profits. The date, of course, will vary and there will be no announcement to prevent market making. For grower buyers, 10 ATF tokens give you priority delivery and a 250 USD discount per grower.

Indoor farming for all

The ATF grower has killer functionality, full automation and looks sleek and modern. The team has been developing and working with this tech for decades.

The token offers a variety of benefits for each type of investor, whether you’re a Cannabis enthusiast, a medicinal user or you’re just looking to invest in the next cool thing.

Also, the structure of the ICO is simple and straightforward, so you’ll have no problem getting around.

The whitepaper is easy to read and understandable too, so check it out!

Pay ATF a visit on their website and join the talk at Telegram! The group already has more than 7k members!



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