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The AgroTechFarm ICO started on February 16th, 2018 and will be live until March 9th, 2018 at 23:59 UTC. The current bonus is 40%.


The aim of the AgroTechFarm ICO campaign is to fund the mass-production of their patented smart appliance for growing organically cannabis, fruits and vegetables. Currently, both models of their grower are fully developed and have all the needed patents.

If all goes according to plan, the team expects to rent a factory immediately after the ICO ends and start deliveries by September 2018 in both Canada and the US.

What does the ATF token offer?

  • $ 250 Discount
  • 35% buyback
  • Priority delivery
  • Option to convert tokens into stock in case of an IPO

The SEC recently issued a bill that differentiates between security tokens and utility ones giving the former more legal leeway. This is why the team designed their token to be strictly an utility one.

Yet, together with that team devised a crafty way to share profits with their community without having to pass the regulation for security tokens.

The solution is a buyback. Buybacks have the same effect on your return as dividends but are more cost-efficient because they are not associated with the extra costs that come with security tokens.

Learn everything you need about buybacks from our article or this piece by Investopedia

AgroTechFarm will do a 35% of total profits buyback each quarter. That is indirectly sharing around a third of their profits with token holders.

Limited time offer: Contribute now and get a free grower

If you participate in the AgroTechFarm ICO until the end of their Presale stage you get to enjoy a huge benefit. Everybody who contributes 30 ETH or more during the Presale will get a free grower without having to use their tokens for it.

This will allow investors to both profit from their investment and enjoy fresh strawberries straight from their kitchen.

The only thing that you pay for is the shipment.

ATF token on the Nebula exchange

Nebula is an exciting new exchange that just now started operating. The team chose to work with them because of the unique features they offer and their low rates.

They are the only crypto exchange that offers margin trading. This option allows you to buy or sell more than what you can. Basically, you can borrow either money or funds from the exchange itself based on how much of your own funds you put.

Once the AgroTechFarm ICO campaing is over, the ATF token will go on the Nebula exchange.

Get more information about Nebula from their website or on Steemit.

Summing it all up…

According to our research on cannabis industry has everything in place to come out big this year. For more on that check our cannabis token guide.

Among the numerous blockchain-cannabis projects, ATF stands out as the only one focused on production and manufacturing. From a business standpoint less competition is always better.

Apart from that AgroTechFarm is one of the few projects holding an ICO campaign after they have a fully-developed and patented product.

Do not forget the main stage of  AgroTechFarm’s ICO starts on March 10th, 2018, the following day after the end of the Presale.

For the latest updates follow ATF on Medium or join the talk at their 30k Telegram group!

If you are just acquainted with the project, make sure to check out their website and whitepaper.


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