We’ve all fantasized about cultivating our own favorite veggies. Fully organic and without expending more at the shopping aisle. The ATF homegrower brings this dream to life!

Yeah, growing your own food sure sounds cool.

But have you ever given it a shot? Truth is, most of us have zero agricultural experience. Regrettably, Farmville hours don’t count.

Real life farming is actually quite complicated

Different plants require nutrients and light time, which most of us don’t have time to be managing. But even with all the time in the world you’d have to spend a lot on complicated equipment to manage humidity and temperature levels.

Well, the engineers at AgroTechFarm have solved all these problems so you can finally do it. ATF’s homegrower automates the process in all its stages. Install the machine at home, click start the app in your phone and you’re all set.

And you don’t have to control the growing process, weed anything or move the plant around. With no effort, you can enjoy the plants you love and grow them at your own home.

Who are AgroTechFarm?

The ATF is composed of engineers and agronomists. They all have a background in what’s called vertical hydroponic installations: an advanced farming technique that uses no soil and delivers nutrients by water solutions (thus the hydro- in hydroponic).

Their aim is to bring back the old tradition of having a small garden and growing our own plants. Except with a big twist.

ATF knows most city-folk have no experience growing things. This is why the team automated the process. Their appliance monitors everything and always knows what your crop needs. All you have to do is tell the device what you’re growing and voilà.

The product

ATF  homegrowers come in two models: a shorter and a taller version.

Despite differences, the two devices have the same functionality.

Both ATF homegrowers monitor every process and will inform the owner of important events of the plants life. Most are just informative, since you don’t have to put any work during the growing process. It will also tell you when it’s time to reap. Also, thanks to the hydroponic system, growing times and yield are vastly improved!

Using the growers is as easy as having a Tamagotchi, except this time it yields fresh organic food.

The smaller one is horizontally divided into three levels.

This one is suitable for berries and other small crops. This smart layering allows you to grow three different crops at the same time, each with its own needs.

But the tall ATF homegrower is the star of the show.

Foregoing layers, this bigger version can hold one crop of two plants, but each up to 1.4 m tall. Forget about little plants and grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers or cannabis.

Wait, did you just say cannabis?

Yeah, you got it right. We all love strawberries, but since the legalization of cannabis in parts of the USA and in Canada, the industry is booming. Only during 2017 the legal sales of cannabis hit around 10 billion dollars.

If you’re a happy resident of one of this places, you can use ATF’s devices yo grow your own cannabis.

Actually, the ATF homegrower is especially useful for cannabis plants, because they’re are a bit capricious. Cannabis has a set of very strictly defined needs of nutrients, light and humidity. And they have to be supplied and adapted to a complicated growing schedule.

Anyone who has ever tried it will tell you growing cannabis is no easy job.

But with the ATF homegrower, users with literally no experience can grow and enjoy their own cannabis plant at home. You get to select your preferred strain and enjoy high quality cannabis without spending a fortune.

Why the ATF homegrower?

Industrial agriculture is full of flaws.

Infamous companies like Monsanto have brought farmers to their knees and have flooded the market with their genetically modified seeds. Not to mention the huge natural areas that are being destroyed to make room for farming.

But most importantly, the ATF homegrowers can improve your health. When ingested pesticides cannot be processed and most of them end up in our livers. As the years pass these residues stay in our system and accumulate which can lead to serious health issues if left unchecked.

ATF homegrowers do not need any pesticides or similar chemicals.

Why? Because there is no soil. The plants get their water and nutrients directly from the hydroponic system.

Also as the system always sets up the humidity and light at optimal levels reducing growing time.

Specifically for cannabis, given its medicinal use, purity is of top priority. As big agricultural companies are racing to break into the cannabis market, get ready for it to be incorporated into industrial farming. With the ATF homegrower purity is guaranteed.

If you are using cannabis as treatment, you definitely don’t want to worry about pesticides and quality.

Why an ICO?

ATF is already a fully functioning company.

The ATF homegrowers are not in development. They are already up and running, and soon you will be able to check out a live feed of some happy strawberries.

Note: they won’t grow faster with the longer you stare at them

So why do they need an ICO?

The company currently operates in Russia. However, they want to go international. Their focus: the US and Canada. Both are huge markets and cannabis regulation towards is lenient, and demand is one the rise.

Just bear in mind though, that in the USA there is a discrepancy between state and federal law, so not all states are cannabis-friendly.

Enjoy homegrowing

Growing your favorite plants has never been easier.

There is no excuse now for not growing your own organic food, free of added pesticides, at the comfort of your own home.

The ATF homegrower looks very nice, and you don’t have to hide them away at a garage or anything. Adorn a living room with your own personalized crops, name your plants and just monitor them with the app as you watch them grow.

Their ICO starts February 7th, 2018 so, give their website a visit and get ready!

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