The ATF homegrower is the ultimate home farming appliance. It connects you with nature in the comfort of your own home

With this amazing counter-top hydroponic, system you can grow healthy fruits and vegetables even in the middle of a freezing winter without ever leaving the room.

Food as a global crisis

A healthy lifestyle has become the most important aspect of our lives.

Living in a huge city, we are exposed daily to an unhealthy environment. Joining a Gym or going for long walks if you find the time is great, but a solid health literally rests in good eating.

Overpopulated, highly polluted cities just can’t provide quality food for everyone. For most city dwellers, dieting habits are saturated with cheap processed foods, filled with chemicals and toxins.

It’s no wonder that our health is deteriorating so rapidly.

But you can see people fighting back. Local farming in the US has experience a whopping 78% increase in the last 5 years. Sadly, that doesn’t even begin to cover the growing needs for fresh and healthy food.

That’s why healthy options, if available, are exorbitantly priced.

The Solution

You’ve probably come up with half of the solution yourself. Growing your own fully organic food.

But we never do it. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, farming is exhausting and quite complicated.

Here comes ATF and their life-changing new homegrower!

ATF has upgraded organic gardening and shot it right into your 21st century apartment.

Their new product is a stylish cultivation device, designed for the easy home growing of fruits and vegetables. It does not require professional agronomic skills or special knowledge of the vegetation process.

All operations related to photosynthesis are pre-programmed and fully automated.

Users can effortlessly control and monitor cultivation cycles with their smartphone or tablet, making the experience almost game-like.  

Picking your freshly grown salad right from your kitchen, free from herbicides and pesticides sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But thanks to the ATF team, you can stop fantasizing about growing your own strawberries.

What makes it unique?

The technology behind the ATF homegrower is on the cutting edge of science.

It’s based on hydroponics and advanced LED lighting. Hydroponics is a soil-free cultivation technique. Highly efficient and inexpensive, it produces higher yields with way less work. It’s higher tech, lower effort farming.

With the Homegrower, thanks to hydroponics, there’s no need for weeding and cultivation. Your only job is to plant the food and enjoy it when it’s ready. Skip the long queues on the farmers market and forget about that hefty price tag. Way to go science, way to go!

Plants get their energy from the sun. LED lighting, if correctly used, gives plants huge advantages over their sun-catching counterparts. When wavelength adjusted, LED’s make for the best growth stimulation.

And they’re super efficient. They produce less heat and require significantly less ventilation and cooling.

Don’t forget that hydroponic crops don’t need soil, so are also less susceptible to weeds, insects and other pests, which means the plants can be grown without herbicides and pesticides.

The grower fits your most pressing need: a healthy, wholesome meal. It gives you almost free access to daily fresh produce, fully organic and dish-ready, all year round.


Agro Tech Farm will holding an ICO campaign to raise funds for mass production. Also they plan to expand their business to Canada and the USA. The campaign starts on February 7th, 2018.  Don’t miss out! It will be big!

Learn more about the ICO.

Wrapping it all up!

Тhe ATF Home Grower “Strawberry” lets you grow smaller vegetables and fruits in the comfort of your home. Its stylish, sleek and modern look allows the Grower to be incorporated into any interior.

The state-of-the-art technology that powers the device does not require treating the plant with chemicals, so the food you grow will not only be delicious, but also healthy.

ATF’s device is a life-subscription to low cost, fully organic food. Instead of using it to replace nature, ATF has used to encapsulate and bring nature into your life for good.

Don’t forget the ICO starts on the 7th of February 2018. 

Make sure to check out their website and join the conversation over at Telegram!

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