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ADAMANT is a blockchain-based system for message transfers and an integrated payment system. Using end-to-end encryption for all the messages, and with the encryption key stored in the blockchain, the messages are secure and anonymous. Integrated wallets allow users not only to send messages but also process instant transactions using the ADAMANT token.

Problems and Solutions

Nowadays, most of the messaging applications use strong encryption systems, making it every difficult to decrypt data. Furthermore, they are also secured from cyber attacks like message interception. That means that the data exchanged is very safe and secure.

But there is a problem with today’s modern messaging services. They can share and intentionally give the information to other third parties. Additionally, all messengers require access to the device’s address book, passing all this information to their own servers. Finally, messaging services collects important data as personal phone numbers, email addresses, browser activity and more.

The ADAMANT project aims to respond to these serious questions of trust in private data transfer security. Using blockchain technology, users have granted their anonymity. Compared to centralized message transfers, it is impossible to link the message history to a specific person. Users do not need to enter their cell phone numbers, emails or social accounts.

ADAMANT has the following features:

  • Messages are stored in the blockchain
  • There is no access to the user’s address book
  • There is no access to location information
  • Anonymity of use
  • Messages fully encrypted
  • No User Private Data is transferred
  • Message history loads from the blockchain
  • Impossible to obtain user’s IP-address
  • Openly sourced project
  • Accounts cannot be closed, blocked or limited

With the ADM token the services within the messenger will be paid. Sending messages, uploading a profile picture, sending documents and many other things.

The company will offer ADAMANT Messenger for individuals and ADAMANT Business.


The project roadmap can be found in the webpage just scrolling down to the bottom of the page. It covers quarter by quarter from 2nd quarter 2017 to 2019. Each quarter has different milestones and would allow users to track the work being done by the ADAMANT team.

The next important features to be released are the ADAMANT Messenger promotion and adaptation fixes, adding new languages and translations for information resources, extending ADAMANT Messenger functionality and finishing the ICO. This should be done before the second quarter 2018.

The roadmap allows investors to have an overview of the upcoming features of the project. The second quarter of 2018 will be important, due to the fact that the ADAMANT Messenger app will be available for iOS and the ADM token will be listed in different cryptocurrency exchanges. It should be noted that the project is ahead of the roadmap, since the demo version of the messenger for iOS, which is available in TestFlight, is released (update 0.2.2 is approved). Moreover, web browser applications and PWA for Android are released too.

One thing that I would mention is that the roadmap could be extended some more quarters. Other ICOs are presenting longer and more detailed roadmaps.

Token Distribution and Budget Allocation

98 million ADM was created on the ADAMANT MainNet inception. The distribution will be as follows:

  • 75% (73,500,000 ADM) – Wallet for ICO campaign maintaining
  • 4% (3,920,000 ADM) – reserve for system development and infrastructure support
  • 4% (3,920,000 ADM) – ADAMANT Business Service Marketing Reserve
  • 9% (8,820,000 ADM) – initial Investor’ rewards
  • 8% (7,840,000 ADM) – Adoption wallet for Bounty Campaigns and initial user assessments

As there will be a limited amount of tokens (200 million ADM), 102 millions of ADM tokens (+ transaction fees) will be used to payback the delegate members for infrastructure support and maintaining the network functional.

Should I Invest in ADAMANT ICO?

We will analyse the different aspects of this Initial Coin Offering. Does ADAMANT have a competitive team? Is the business model profitable? What about the website? Is it properly built? What can it tell us about the project? Of course, we will also have a look at the white paper and the token.

  • Team

Adamant has over 20 members that are helping the project to grow. The team has several years of experience in the IT, financial and business industry.

Pavel Evgenov

Pavel Evgenov is the Chief Executive Officer of ADAMANT.  He has a huge history of successful IT and Financial projects.

Pavel Evgenov

Pavel Evgenov

VK Profile

Alexey Lebedev

Alexey Lebedev is the Lead Developer. He has been working at IBM and has over 15 years of work experience with IT-project management and development.

Alexey Lebedev

Alexey Lebedev

Dmitiy Soloduhin

Dmitriy Soloduhin is de Lead Developer. He has a Master of Science at Information System department of Vladimir State University. He is a developer and system architect for wide spectrum of information systems.

Dmitriy Soloduhin

Dmitriy Soloduhin

LinkedIn Profile

Maxim Pikhtovnikov

Maxim Pikhtovnikov is the Lead Designer of the project. He is a designer and marketologist with experience in major international companies.

Maxim Pikhtovnikov

Maxim Pikhtovnikov

LinkedIn Profile

Other advisors are Leonid Anisimov, Denis Sokolov and Andrey Medvedev.

The team is young and seems ready to take an important project on their hands. They have already developed the ADAMANT Messenger but they want to move forward. The experience may be the weakest point of the team compared to other ICOs, but this does not mean that they are not prepared to start this ADAMANT expansion.

  • Whitepaper

The white paper is clear, it has all the information required for investors and it is not complicated to read. It has also technical information for those who are interested in understanding these aspects behind the project.

The white paper can be easily accessed from the website. The white paper has also been translated to different languages including English, Russian, German, Romanian, Portuguese among others.

  • Business

There is a clear problem that we are facing these days. We share excessive private information with messaging applications and they can use this data in many different ways. If a person wants to remain anonymous, it can’t do so while using the different messaging apps available in the market.

If ADAMANT is able to find a market interested in using a more private way of communication the project would have good results. If governments and enterprises keep asking us more and more private information in order to use products and services, the market may consider using ADAMANT so as to preserve the privacy.

  • Website

The website is very clear and clean. The greyscale creates a nice industrial look for the investors that may want to place their money in this project. It has an explanatory video, a short explanation about the project, the team, the roadmap and the advantages of using ADAMANT over other messaging apps.

  • Token Evaluation

The token known as ADM token will be used as a transfer fee for messaging, direct payments and other functions like maintaining the whole network infrastructure. As the token has 5 seconds block time, the network operates smoothly. The token may be used for direct payments from the chat screen.

The ICO has in its plans to proportionally distribute all the unsold tokens between the existing ADM owners.

The token will have an additional value that is produced through the distribution process of all remaining of the unsold tokens. The process is known as ADAMANT Grows. Users that have enough ADM tokens in their balances will receive proportionally monthly rewards for the approximate period of one year after the ICO ends up.


ADAMANT is an Initial Coin Offering that has a ready product in the form of a messenger that aims to protect data and anonymity of users that use messaging applications. The information that you own can be secured and protected on the blockchain without giving third party platforms the right to share your data without your permission.

In the future, the project may grow according to the needs of the individuals and enterprises. If governments and businesses keep asking and sharing personal and private data with others, then ADAMANT will have a good future ahead.

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