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Back in the earliest days of cryptocurrencies, the overwhelming majority of crypto enthusiasts held on to their coins. Not because of the developing price or the reluctance to trade, but rather the inability to spend the cryptocurrencies because there was simply nowhere to spend them.

10 years later, the situation is drastically different. The list of retailers, institutions and marketplaces which accept many different cryptocurrencies is very large and is growing even larger rapidly.

It was only a matter of time since mainstream organizations like Wikipedia and Microsoft started to accept bitcoin. At the moment, quite a few fast-food restaurants and coffee chains have also started to accept bitcoin. With everyday goods being more easily accessible via crypto, the path to mass adoption becomes far less complicated.

Of course, there still are jurisdictions which do not consider cryptocurrencies as payments. Nevertheless, huge companies like Facebook are developing payment systems which mimic cryptocurrencies and with the large user base, the above-mentioned jurisdictions will have no choice but to inevitably accept that cryptocurrencies are part of the future.

The choice to accept bitcoin was made long ago by some early adopters

Some less popular franchises like Coupa Café have been accepting bitcoin as a form of payment was back since 2013.

According to the reports, after the café announced its decision, it received a steady stream of bitcoin revenue. This was more or less a clear sign that customers were very eager to begin paying for everyday goods via crypto.

OrderTakeaways for instance has over 50 000 restaurants listed on its site. You can order everything from pizza to Eastern European cuisine with crypto and have it delivered right at your doorstep. The company decided to implement bitcoin payments for online orders back in 2018.

Day-to-day items will without a doubt keep becoming more accessible via cryptocurrencies in the near future. You can now however, purchase your very own space trip via bitcoin. Virgin Galactic, one of the first space tourism companies has officially began accepting bitcoin as payment way back in 2013.

The company’s official space tour date has been pushed back several times, but the first suborbital flight was completed successfully last year.

Earlier this year, the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich announced that crypto payments are now an option for its guests. Guests in the luxurious resort can choose to play in both bitcoin and Ethereum.

This list of retailers being more acceptable towards cryptocurrencies will only keep growing. Mass adoption is certainly a long way away, but many companies are only just now beginning to reap the fruits of being early adopters.

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